What’s Wrong With My Car’s Brakes?

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With the possibility of losing your brakes while driving and potentially getting into an accident, properly working brakes are absolutely essential. Here are some common problems that may signal a problem with your vehicle’s braking system.

1. Soft Braking

If your brakes feels mushy when you press down on the pedal, there may be a problem with the master cylinder leaking. This can be a very dangerous situation because the entire braking system could fail at any moment. One thing you could do is to check the brake fluid to see if it is running low. Otherwise, you need to get the master cylinder checked immediately.

2. Pulling to One Side

While cars that pull to one side could signal a problem with the tires, it could also be a warning sign of a frozen caliper. If the piston on the caliper is stuck in the bore or the dust boot that protects the piston gets dirty or torn, the fluid pressure is unable to push the piston. In turn, this causes the brake pad pressure to be uneven. If your call is pulling to one side, you may need to replace the caliper.

3. Shaking

If your steering wheel or the entire car shakes when you apply your brakes, your car is giving you another warning sign. In the case of your steering wheel shaking, you may need your rotors resurfaced or replaced. When the entire car shakes with braking, you probably need to replace your rear brakes.

4. Pulsing Pedal

Does your brake pedal pulse up and down when you push on it? This is a sign that your rotors may be warped due to age. Depending on what condition the rotors are in, you may need to resurface them or replace them altogether.

If you believe there is something wrong with your car’s brakes, you should have them checked them right away. In the long run, safety and peace of mind are well worth the price.


  1. I thought it was unusual when my brakes started to feel soft when I’m stopping my car. Having my master cylinder checked to see if it’s leaking seems like a good solution to this problem. I didn’t realize that this could cause my braking system to fail, so I’ll take your advice and check my brake fluid in case it’s running low. Thanks for the tips!

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