Five Ways to Avoid Car Repair Sticker Shock

Between the expense and the inconvenience of being without a car, car repair isn’t something that most people generally look forward to. It is possible to reduce the expense and eliminate the dreaded sticker shock, however. Here are five ways to help reduce the sticker shock when it’s time for car repair.

How To Avoid Car Repair Sticker Shock

Affordable Car Repair in Montgomery

1. Don’t Neglect Routine Maintenance

The longer you wait to seek car repair, the more expensive your repairs are likely to be. Get routine maintenance and repair before the problem worsens, however, and your bills will be significantly smaller and less shocking.

2. Do Your Research

Don’t just take your mechanic’s word for it that an incredibly expensive part needs to be replaced. Do your research and find out more about the part and the problem your car is having. While you will probably never reach the amount of car repair knowledge a professional mechanic possesses, it may help you spot a scammer from a mile away.

3. Ask for an Estimate

Before you leave your car for car repair, ask in advance how much your repairs are likely to cost. While the mechanic may not be able to tell you an exact cost upfront, a reputable car mechanic should be able to give you a ballpark figure for the car repair.

4. Approve All Work in Advance

Furthermore, don’t just tell the mechanic to “fix whatever needs fixed.” Deciding what needs fixed right away is sometimes subjective, and you don’t want the mechanic to needlessly fix, repair and replace every little thing he can find, draining your wallet in the process. By approving all work ahead of time, you’ll have a chance to help decide what repairs are really necessary right now.

5. Choose a Mechanic You Can Trust

The most important tip for managing the sticker shock of car repairs, however, is to choose a professional quality mechanic you can trust. Then you won’t end up overpaying for repairs you didn’t even need in the first place.

Affordable Car Repair in Montgomery, AL

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