What to Do When Your Vehicle Starts to Overheat

overheating vehicle

Whether you are on a road trip or trying to get to work on time, when your vehicle overheats, it can ruin your day. The problem could be as simple as failing to put coolant in your vehicle, this can really wrack up repair and maintenance costs. Below are a few tips that will keep your car from overheating and your money in your bank account.

When It Starts Overheating

  • Turn on the heater and blower to transfer the heat from the engine to the passenger area of the vehicle. You’ll be hotter but your vehicle will cool and you can roll down the windows.
  • Shift into neutral or park when stopped in traffic. The water pump and fan will speed up making liquid and air pass through the radiator quickly, which cool the vehicle.
  • Brake drag causes the engine to heat up more. Drive slowly until you can pull over safely.

Be Cautious

If your vehicle begins to overheat, forget the radiator cap — it could blow off and burn you very badly. Instead, let the vehicle cool down on its own before doing anything else. Then, add new antifreeze/coolant, you should always have spare in your car for emergencies. If you have any doubt about what to do, contact a repair shop and see if they can look at the automobile once it’s stopped overheating.

Stay Prepared

Keep a safety kit in your vehicle in the event that an overheated engine strands you for a while. The kit could include anything you might need for a few hours to an entire night stranded. Non-perishable foods, flashlight, flares, portable phone charger, etc.


Have a mechanic top off fluids (or do it yourself), check hoses, and make sure fans operate properly. Get any cracked caps, leaky hoses, or slipping fan belts repaired or replaced. Maintenance costs a bit more money than you want to spend initially but it will prevent costly repairs in the future.


If you would like to know more about vehicle maintenance, contact the experts at Performance Auto at (334) 245-6600 today.

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