Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes Everyone Makes

open car hood with text vehicle maintenance mistakes everyone makes

Not everyone can be as knowledgeable as a mechanic, but any car owner can make changes to their maintenance routine to take better care of their vehicle. A well-tuned machine needs more than gasoline to work properly. Any vehicle needs regular inspections, parts replaced or lubed, tires rotated and fluids refilled.

Listen To Your Vehicle

Take stock of the current state of your vehicle. Spend a few miles without the radio on and listen for any rattles, bangs, hissing or other odd noises that do not belong. make sure to remember where it sounds like it is coming from, as this will help our team to identify the source of the problem.

Shaking can be a sign that you have major issues with your car. It could be that you just need an alignment or a bigger issue. If your vehicle and steering wheel are shaking when you drive, bring your vehicle to our shop.

Car Parts

Spark Plugs – Having a tune up every so often can help your vehicle

Tires – Your tires are there for every speed bump, stop sign, tight curve and midnight mile your vehicle travels. Making a point to check your tire pressure and the surface for punctures is a good habit to form. Having your tires rotated every other oil change is advised as well as wheel alignments.

Air Filter – Having the air filter changed on a regular basis can prevent some major issues in your car. The air filter helps to make sure that your engine is getting oxygen, which it needs to work efficiently. Having a dirty air filter can negatively impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Lights and Sensors – That check engine light is there for more than to annoy you. The sensors in your car do help when it comes to car maintenance. If the sensor continues to light up after a mechanic has looked at your vehicle, it may be that the sensor itself has a problem.

Oil and Lubricants – Not having your motor oil changed can seriously damage your engine. Check your owners manual to make sure that you are having your oil changed as often as is recommended. It is a good idea to pop the hood every couple of weeks to check the fluid levels for your windshield wipers and brakes.

Windshield Wipers – You do not want to get caught in the rain with a busted windshield wiper. Not only will a faulty wiper decrease your ability to see where you are going, it can also damage your windshield. If you notice that your windshield wipers are leaving streaks on the window, it is time to buy a new set.

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  1. This is some really good information about auto repairs. I liked that you pointed out that you check your tire pressure. I just bought my first car and I want to try to keep it in good shape. It does seem like I should try to check the pressure every few months.

  2. We all can tell when is our vehicle behaving weird but we don’t give enough attention to it. Whenever, you feel that the vehicle is behaving weird you should get it checked.

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