Keep Your Vehicle Clutter & Trash Free

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Whether you are getting ready for a road trip with the family or you think your car is so cluttered you’re going to explode. Theses car organizational tips will help you find what you need during a hectic trip or just making the rounds dropping the kids at their summer activities and getting yourself to work every day.

First, Clean Your Vehicle Out

Sliding that van door open and looking at all the clutter can seem daunting but as soon as you take out all the wadded up homework, protein bar wrappers, and coffee cups you will be surprised by how much stuff ended up in the car. Take out the jackets and wrinkled button ups and put them in the house in their proper places. Then, for the kids, remove their toys and art supplies and get ready to organize.

Get Creative

A great idea for kids art supplies is using a couch organizer meant for magazines and remotes. The pockets will hold coloring books, chapter books, colored pencils, and granola bars. This can be held in place by a car seat. For the adults, gather loose items like makeup, medications, chapstick, toll money, extra ties (in case you spill before a meeting), etc. in clear pencil or makeup bags, these can be found for a couple bucks at almost any store. This way, everything is out of the way be easy to find in a rush.

Designated Trash Spot

This is one of the biggest difficulties — keeping trash to a minimum. If you have a van or SUV, a good spot for a small trash can is near the front console. A grocery bag will work for smaller cars. At the end of every week, or whenever you see it filled, just toss it in the trash and grab a new bag.

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