True or False: You Get Better Gas Mileage in the Summer

image with text true or false: you get better gas mileage in the summer

Believe it or not, it’s true! You might have noticed that you don’t fill up as much during the summer as you do in the winter. While this isn’t 100 percent true for all drivers, most get a little break from the fuel pumps during the warmer months for a variety of reasons. Take a look at the top reasons why your car is getting better gas mileage in the summer versus the winter.

Contributing Factors to Better Gas Mileage in the Summer


Obviously, there are weather differences between winter and summer. These changes can have a major effect on your mileage. Our cars operate best when they’re at normal operating temperature and it takes less time for them to reach that temperature in the summer than in the winter. Colder weather means running your car for longer to get it to warm up. You may also be facing snow and ice on the road that can slow you down and cost precious fuel.

A Change in the Air

An enormous amount of science goes into making sure your car is running the way it should. One of these cool scientific factors is the fact that, when air is warm, it’s less dense. This means that every time your car pulls in oxygen for the combustion that makes your vehicle run, there’s less oxygen and your engine uses less fuel to compensate. This is the opposite in the winter, where denser air means your engine is using more fuel in the combustion process.

Car Accessories

How often do you roll down your windows to let the breeze in during the winter? We’d be that it’s not often. You’re more likely to use accessories like your heater or your headlights in the winter than the summer for two big reasons: cold and dark. Days obviously colder and it gets darker faster in the winter, so you’re using more engine power to keep them running. You won’t have this problem in the summer.

Keep Your Mileage Low

There are several things you do can for your vehicle to keep your fuel mileage low, not just during the summer but all year long. We recommend:

  • Frequent oil changes
  • Turning your car all the way off instead of idling
  • Keeping your A/C on low
  • Maintaining good tire pressure
  • Slowing down
  • Avoiding road rage and aggressive driving

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