Transmission Repair Simplified

Transmission Repair Simplified in Montgomery

transmission repair montgomery alAuto transmission repair can be costly and make it so that your vehicle is not usable for a couple days or weeks. With any vehicle, knowing about what transmission repair can mean, how the transmission works, and what all will be done, can make it easier to deal with. No one wants to have to have a transmission repair job done, but it does happen. The goal is to lessen the headaches of the transmission repair, by knowing a few things about the transmission.

Transmission Repair Basics

A vehicles automatic transmission has quite a few small moving parts on the inside. While this is nice to know, it really doesn’t help regarding what to need to know when it comes to getting a transmission repair. In reality, there are really only a few basic things to know.

Valuable Information Regarding Transmission Repair

  • Gears – In automatic transmissions, the gears automatically change without really any thought, but for a transmission repair to have to be necessary, they have to stop working properly. This means they are either damaged or worn to the point where the transmission won’t work right. This then means a transmission repair or complete replacement is required.
  • Fluid – The transmission fluid is most likely the most important part of any transmission. Without this, a transmission repair is definite. Check for leaks and also ensure that there is a proper amount of fluid in the transmission case. If not, top it off.
  • Bell Housing – This is a cone-shaped metal case underneath any vehicle. This isn’t really much to be concerned about, but if in an accident, this should be looked at. Generally speaking however, this wouldn’t be a major cause for a transmission repair job.
  • Filter – Yes, the transmission has a filter, and like with any other filter, needs to be clean to run properly. A dirty filter makes it hard for the transmission fluid to filter through it and that can cause bigger problems in the transmission. Thus leading to a transmission repair.

Those are the four basic things that anyone who drives should know about their transmission. It can help prevent headaches and bigger problems down the road. Making sure the transmission is in the best condition will make it easier to not have to worry about the future and that unenjoyable time spent in a repair shop.

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