Get On Top of Your Road Rage

angry man with text get on top of your road rage

Nice weather usually means road more road work on top of the everyday clueless drivers on their phones, cutting in front of you, and driving slow in the left lane. When you are sitting in traffic, running late to an appointment or work, road rage can overtake you.

Practice Good Habits

Road rage is more likely to happen when we feel stressed, tired, or hungry. So, try your best to eliminate these factors from your life. Make surely you have weekly or monthly activities to look forward to. Make sure to spend at least half an hour relaxing or enjoying your family. Get plenty of solid sleep and eat at least a generally balanced diet. Don’t forget to keep some healthy snacks in the car in case of traffic jams on the ride from work.

Accept That Driving is Part of Life

Unless public transportation is a great alternative, you kind of need to drive to continue your routines of working, picking up the kids, going out with friends, and traveling. Many people hate driving and it’s easy to understand why; tight city streets, drivers on their phones, seemingly meaningless construction, and the fear that some idiot could T-bone you out of nowhere. Motor accidents are the top cause of death in America, outside of heart attacks.

Have a Shout and Drive On

Yes, you are entitled to be pissed as heck when a truck pushes its way in front of you in the last 10 feet before the lane closes in bumper-to-bumper morning traffic because he doesn’t understand the idea of merging. Yell. Honk appropriately (nice and long). Move on, you’ve made your point. Don’t hold a vendetta that will ruin the rest of your day.

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  1. After you are deskbound in movement, successively evening to an arrangement or exertion, street fierceness can surpass you. Make a point to apply in any event 30 minutes unwinding or making the most of your family.

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