Top 5 Signs of Engine Trouble You Shouldn’t Ignore

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As a vehicle owner, your dashboard tells you a lot about what’s going on with your car, truck, van or SUV. By learning to detect the signs of engine trouble, you can avoid a costly auto repair. A few of the lights that you should pay attention to include Check Oil, Oil Pressure Low, and Check Engine. Each comes on for a reason and although it may not indicate a serious problem, at times it will be the difference between a small repair and one that costs you a big chunk of money.

The five signs of engine trouble you need to be most aware of are:

1. Your vehicle jerks, surges or stalls signaling auto repair. This could be caused by bad spark plugs, a clogged fuel line or fuel filter, and even issues with your main computer. Regular oil changes along with belt replacements can help you avoid a costly auto repair.

2. You hear tapping or popping sounds. Gasoline ignites prematurely causing the sound and damage to your pistons. Avoid this issues by contacting a service professional with your concerns and have them diagnose the problem before it becomes major engine trouble for you.

3. You hear a grinding noise when you’re starting your car up. This could indicate that it’s time for your starter motor to be adjusted or replaced. Catching it early can prevent a costly auto repair due to engine trouble.

4. You smell something burning under the hood which may lead to auto repair. This could be oil or coolant leaking. It could also be carbon monoxide which is very serious. Whatever the smell may be attributed to, it’s time to contact a mechanic to have the problem properly diagnosed.

5. You see blue or white smoke. Blue smoke indicates an oil problem. It could lead to engine trouble when it’s being burned up like that. White smoke means that water condensation or, in some cases, antifreeze mixes with the fuel supply.

You don’t want a costly auto repair due to engine trouble to damper your day. Learn to notice the signs of engine problems by seeing, hearing, and smelling what’s going on with your vehicle while you drive it.

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  1. In recent years I have become more convinced that you should NEVER ignore even the slightest problem that you might have with your car. Too many people let a noise or a smell go ignored until the problem gets more severe. We, as a country, already go through cars like toothbrushes, sometimes wearing a car down long before its time. When you pay attention to signs like the ones in this article, then your engine will last a lot longer, and save you lots of money.

    • Michael Delez says

      Got a 1992 Dodge Ram Charger;318 engine,automatic tranny,117,000 miles. Love it! Developed a stalling problem! Will readily start back up but sometimes stall again. It will chug then level out and go! Usually it will happen the first start-up in morning or after refueling. Mechanic checked it,found nothing with engine,but said it might be clogged screen in gas tank! What do you think?

  2. I like how you pointed out that regular oil changes can help avoid costly repairs. I’m going to be buying my first car in a couple of weeks, and I want to make sure I take good care of it so it continues to run well. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have the oil changed regularly so I don’t run into engine problems.

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  4. I had no idea that blue smoke from the engine means there is an oil problem. My brother just bought his first car a couple weeks ago. I’ll have to remind him of this just in case it happens.

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