Top 4 Causes of Car Breakdowns

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If your worst nightmare is having your car break down suddenly in the middle of morning rush hour then keep reading for the top problems that will probably cause your car’s issues.

4 Car Problems That Cause Breakdowns

Flat or Faulty Battery

Battery faults are the most common cause of breakdown, especially in the winter.

When your car is serviced, the mechanics should check that connections are secure and that the battery terminals are clean and protected from corrosion. If you don’t make long trips very often, your battery won’t have much of a chance to charge. You can remedy this by charging it overnight every 2 weeks, so you’ll be able to keep it running longer.

Damaged Tires or Wheels

  • Check your tires’ tread depth once every few months. If you notice any uneven tire wear, your wheels might be misaligned. Get a tire specialist to check, or take your car to a tire center.
  • Make sure your spare tire has plenty of treads and that it’s inflated — ready for use.
  • Make sure that your jack is in good condition and easily accessible, along with any wheel removal tools and locking wheel nut adaptor.
  • Adjust your tire pressure to cope with any changes in your car’s load, especially when hauling heavy items.
  • If you’ve struck a curb or pothole, check for any damage to your wheels or rims and speak to a tire specialist as soon as possible if there is any damage.

Alternator Issues

You could be experiencing a problem with your alternator if you have persistent battery problems and dim headlights when your engine is idling. If your ignition warning light comes on and the engine temperature begins rising very quickly, the belt that drives the alternator and water pump could be broken. This is serious. Stop right away and do not restart your engine.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can break or wear out but shouldn’t be a problem as long as your car is serviced regularly. You can pretty easily replace them yourself or take it to a repair shop for a fair price.

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  1. Few days ago, my car didn’t start in the morning and when I called the mechanic he found that the starter motor was not working as a result power supply was cut to the engine. He also checked for any electrical issues and asked me to always keep some additional fuse in the car. The clutch cable should also be checked in every servicing.

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