How Your Tires Can Affect Your Car’s Gas Mileage

How Your Tires Can Affect Your Car's Gas Mileage

Getting the best gas mileage is a primary concern for many car owners and for good reason. Gas is one of the most expensive necessities in life that is needed to get you from point A to point B, so saving money on fuel for your car whenever possible is definitely a positive move. Numerous factors affect the gas mileage that your car gets, but perhaps one of the most influential factors is the tires on your car.

Gas Mileage and Tire Type

The type of tire that you have can directly affect your gas mileage. For instance, the bigger your tires are, the less fuel efficiency you tend to get from them. Likewise, the more tread your tires have, the less gas mileage you’ll get. Even the speed that you drive at as well as how much drag you have on your vehicle can affect the gas mileage that your car gets. Generally, the faster you travel and the more drag your car has, the more fuel your car will use.

Gas Mileage and Tire Pressure

Perhaps the most significant factor about your tires that affects your gas mileage is the tire pressure. If your tires don’t have the right air pressure in them, your car will end up using much more fuel than it would have otherwise. The air pressure in your tires are measured by pounds per square inch, also commonly referred to as PSI. Ensuring that your tires are within the recommended PSI is essential for getting the optimum amount of gas mileage from your vehicle.

Tips for Maintaining PSI

A tire gauge can help you easily check the PSI of your vehicle, and your car should have the recommended PSI for your vehicle’s tires written on a sticker located within the driver’s side door. It’s best to use a tire gauge to check the PSI of your tires at least once a week to ensure that your tires’ PSI doesn’t drop below the recommended level. Additionally, when checking PSI, check it when the tires are cold rather than after a long trip. When your tires do need additional inflation, you can easily add air to them via the air pumps that can be found at most gas stations.

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