How to Make Tires Look New Again

Tire Maintenance Tips in Montgomery, ALYour tires are among the most important parts of your vehicle. Without tires, it would be very difficult to drive. They’re the one item that’s hard to keep looking new. You can’t put them through the car wash and hope that the job gets done right. You can, however, manually clean your tires and take months of wear and tear off of their appearance. This will keep your vehicle looking great all the way around.

Take Care of Your Tires

Here’s what you need to do to restore the appearance of your tires:

1. Use a separate bucket of soapy water to clean your hubcaps and tires. This will keep grease from mucking up other parts of your vehicle.

2. Apply tire cleaner as directed by the manufacturer. Make sure to place it in areas of the tires where grime is very apparent.

3. Scrub your tires using a feather-bristled brush. Get all of the crevices. Rinse off each of the tires before proceeding to the next tire to make sure that it doesn’t need additional scrubbing.

4. Dry the hubcaps and tires with a microfiber cloth. Dry the entire wheel and tire.

5. Wax the tires. Apply it the same way you would to other parts of your car. Most waxes have an applicator to prevent messes.

6. Step back and admire your hard work. Don’t your tires look great? Your only regret is that you didn’t clean and wax your tires sooner.

Cleaner Tires Improve the Look of Your Vehicle

With a little elbow grease, your old tires can look new again. Follow the tips listed above and transform the overall appearance of your vehicle. Your car, truck or van can look like it was just driven off the dealer’s lot once again. You just have to know how to clean things the right way.

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  1. Yes, you are right!!! Tires are one of the most important parts of vehicles as needs regular check up and maintenance. Your tire care and maintenance tips are wonderful. I have learnt many new things that would help me.

  2. Wow…wonderful. So thankful you had a blog to show me how to make tires look new again.When you are planning on doing a lot of driving, you need a thorough inspection of all its details like fuel, tires and oil etc.

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