Why Tire Rotation is Important for Your Safety

image with text why tire rotation is important for your safety

How often do you think about your car’s tires? If you’re like most people, the answer is, “Never.” What most people don’t realize is how critical tires are to vehicle safety. Tire wear can negatively impact performance, and if you don’t perform basic maintenance, then you may void your tire warranty. Tire rotation is a crucial step if you want to increase vehicle safety.

Tire Wear and Vehicle Safety

Tires tend to wear unevenly. This type of uneven tire wear happens most frequently when the car turns. That’s because the front tires lean in the direction of travel. The rear tires simply follow the front tires, which gives them a more even wear pattern. Without the routine rotation that is frequently required by a tire warranty, the outside edge of those front tires quickly starts to wear down, and that impairs safe handling.

Improper alignment or unbalanced tires also may be responsible for uneven tire wear. These issues may need to be separately addressed.

Tire Warranty

It’s not unusual for people to forget that they even have a tire warranty. That’s a shame, because they may find that it has lapsed because of neglected maintenance when they need it most. Try to locate your tire warranty to see what is recommended for tire rotation. If you can ensure more even tire wear through regular rotation, then you’ll improve vehicle safety and the life of your tires.

What Is Tire Rotation?

Many drivers prefer to have a professional rotate their tires. This is because professionals have a better understanding of tire wear and vehicle safety. They also are aware of tire rotation patterns, which may involve switching front tires to the rear and even moving the tires diagonally to ensure more even wear patterns. This service generally is quick and inexpensive.

Check for a Tire Warranty

Depending upon your tire warranty, you may be required to have professional tire rotation performed. This is recommended, especially if your car has tires with staggered sizes or rear wheel drive or has directional tires. Getting the rotation right is critical to vehicle safety.

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  1. Thanks for the article! This is an overlooked aspect of vehicle maintenance. Its not simply a matter of making your tires last longer. Proper tire rotation will also affect the life of axles, bearings, hubs, struts and more. A simple piece of prevention can save 1000s in future repair and replacement.

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