Why a Tire Inflator May Be Your Most Important Truck Accessory

Many truck accessories are manufactured to improve vehicle appearance. However, others are useful. Such is the case with the tire inflator.

As truck accessories go, the tire inflator is probably one of the least frequently used. It doesn’t add as much style as other truck accessories might. Nonetheless, a tire inflator makes all the difference when you’re stuck on the side of the road.

Benefits of a Tire Inflator

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Changing a tire is one of the most basic car care projects. When most people learn to drive, they also learn to change a tire. However, the generally excellent quality of tires and wheels on today’s cars and trucks makes tire changing something of a lost art. Most people simply never run into a situation where they have to change a tire, so they forget how to do it.

Others simply find the task too challenging. The heavy tires and unwieldy jack are hard for some people to maneuver. Moreover, taking off a damaged tire and replacing it with a spare takes time. Whenever a driver is working on their car beside the road, they are at risk. The longer it takes to change a tire, the more exposed they are.

The Importance of a Tire Inflator for Auto Maintenance

That’s why a tire inflator may be among the most important of truck accessories. A tire inflator can get a car or truck back on the road with minimal time and effort. This allows the driver to get someplace safer than the side of the road where they can effect a more permanent fix or call for help.

Tire inflators are some of the easiest truck accessories to use. They have few components, and anyone can figure out how to use one within minutes. As truck accessories go, this is one of the few that might actually save a life.

Tire inflators are also useful truck accessories at home. With a tire inflator at hand, it’s always possible to keep tires at their optimum capacity for increased safety and performance.

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  1. I’ve been trying to find some good truck accessories. I think that a tire inflator may be a good addition. You always need one at one point or another! It would be good to have one handy.

  2. I had actually never really thought that much about getting a tire inflator for my truck. However, it definitely makes sense to have one just in case a tire goes flat. First though, I should probably make sure that I know how to use it properly. Then if I am ever driving and have a flat tire, I can take care of it no problem. Thanks for sharing more about this, it was really helpful to learn about this!

  3. I would have to agree with you that every service truck out there or those with trucks have this accessory. You never know when your tire could go flat. It is always important to be sure that you take care of your car or truck. I’ve seen it all too much where people are driving on what could be considered drag slicks. Always be sure to have your vehicle serviced at a shop or your choice.

  4. Thanks for the information on why tire inflators are the most important truck equipment. It’s so true that “a tire inflator can get a car or truck back on the road with minimal time and effort.” I never want to be caught with a flat tire and no inflator to help me out!

  5. I had no idea that it was possible to purchase a portable tire inflator. This sounds like an incredibly useful truck accessory to keep on hand in the event that your tire needs to be inflated. How much do these units typically cost?

  6. I agree that an inflator is useful, even if I haven’t saved a life yet, like you mentioned; I actually have a small electric pump that I keep in the trunk of my car. It comes in handy if my tires get low, but it’s also handy because I know where one is if I need to pump up a basketball or bike tire. It’s hard to underestimate it’s value. Thanks for the post.

  7. I know for a fact that the tire inflator is a useful tool. Just the other day, my trucks back right wheel inexplicably lost a lot of its air. I didn’t have time to wait for a tow truck, so I whipped out my tire inflator and pumped it up. And to be honest, like you said, I don’t know if I remember how to change a tire, so the inflator is a great piece of equipment.

  8. I would agree with you that tire inflators are really important to have with your truck. Like you say, it can get your truck or car on the road in no time. Flat tires happen all of the time. It would be nice to be able to pump it up on the street. I’m going to get myself one of these!

  9. I find it really pays off to think about truck repairs before you actually need them. For example, you may never need a tire inflator, but when you do need it, you need it badly. Plus, you might be able to save money on repairs later by not driving on a deflated tire!

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