Tips For Prolonging Your Car Battery

car battery being placed in a vehicle with title text three tips for prolonging your car battery.

Nothing is worse than your battery dying when you are running late for work, except when you’ve left it too long and the car explodes because it was overcharged. Maintaining the original quality of your car battery can be a huge task if you don’t know all of the precautions to take and tips to follow. There are a few simple ways that you can make sure your car is charged to perfection for safe and worry-free operation every day.

Drive Your Car Often

Your car battery should always maintain a sufficient amount of charge. Driving your car on a regular basis regardless of whether you have anywhere to go is important to battery health. Keeping your car stationary will make the battery lose charge when unused for prolonged periods. It can also cause the battery to experience problems such as leakages and short-circuits.

Make Sure It’s Charged (But Not Over-Charged)

Charging your car battery regularly is always necessary for proper car operation. Leaving the headlights on or car running on a regular basis will leave it drained.  If you overcharge it regularly, there could be dangerous consequences such as a dead battery, causing the car to overheat and melt plastic components, as well as let off sparks that could ignite. Similarly, you should never consider using it without a sufficient charge. Both overcharging and undercharging your battery is always dangerous.

Don’t Let It Short-Circuit

If you leave your battery on under damp conditions, it can result in short-circuiting. The vibrations experienced while driving your car might also damage the quality of the battery. Inspecting the battery terminals for proper operation is always a great idea to help in prolonging your car battery.

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  1. Good post.

  2. I feel like whenever I get a new car, the battery dies after a short time, so I’ve been looking for ways to prevent this. I had no idea that driving your car on a regular basis keeps the battery healthy. I’ll have to make sure to drive it around this winter instead of letting it sit in the cold all day in this case.

  3. The battery’s main purpose is to start your car. Do not leave the interior light and headlight on when the car is off because it causes the battery to drain and will create difficulties to start your car next time.

  4. Battery is the most important part to start your car. I am planning to upgrade my car audio system. Is it necessary to add an extra battery? Thanks!

  5. Taking a simply way to maintain your battery in working condition may prolong its life span. Driving car Driving your car on a regular basis regardless of whether you have anywhere to go is important to battery health. Be sure there is no leakage or short-circuits occur in the connection of the battery. Avoid undercharging and overcharging may helps to increase its durability of working performance.

  6. I have noticed that my car has had a hard time starting recently. I don’t know if it is the winter or the battery dying, or both. I like your advice on driving your car often to make sure the battery is charged always. This shouldn’t be the issue for me though since I drive to work everyday.

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