What Are the Best Times for Auto Service?

Most drivers know that their car needs regular auto service if it’s going to keep running. Routine auto service keeps your car on the road, and it saves you money. That’s because auto service takes preventative steps to ensure that you are unlikely to be facing a major repair bill.

Unfortunately, drivers also know that having routine auto service performed can be time consuming. While a good mechanic always needs time to make certain that a job is performed correctly, you can improve your chances of receiving efficient service by knowing which times are best for bringing in your car.

Quick Auto Service Tips

Auto Service in Montgomery, AL

These are just general guidelines for when auto service shops tend to be the least busy. Your mechanic can experience an uncharacteristically busy day at any of these times. Nonetheless, if you bring in your car when the weather is bad, you’ll probably get faster service. Essentially, when there’s ice or snow, people stay home. If you brave the weather, your car may be the only one in the shop. Another good time for auto service is April. That’s because it’s tax season, and most people are paying taxes or paying an accountant to get their taxes done.

The week between Christmas and the New Year is notoriously slow for mechanics. People are out of town or busy doing other things, so it’s definitely a good time to bring in your car. Most people also avoid the mechanic in late January and early February. Often this is because they just filed their taxes and they are waiting for a refund.

Bringing your car into the mechanic at one of these slow times has many advantages. Because the shop is empty, your car is going to get a lot of attention. Plus, the mechanic may be more willing to offer you a deal or haggle over the price in order to get your business. Having something to do is always better than having nothing to do.

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  1. It would be really great if I could get my car serviced soon. It sounds to me like it is best to get it done when there aren’t many other cars being fixed. Then I could be sure that I am not waiting a long time for it to get fixed. This is a really great idea, so I will probably start watching for slower times. I just want to be sure that my car works properly, so I will probably do this very soon! Thanks for the great tips!

  2. What a great idea. I’ve never considered taking my car in when the mechanics are less busy. I’d think times of the year with high humidity would cause extra wear on car parts; does high humidity make fixing cars more difficult?

  3. I didn’t realize that visiting a mechanic at certain times of the year was better than others. I like the fact that my car would get more attention if it were slower for the mechanics. That is a good enough benefit for me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the tip about taking my car in for a service between Christmas and the New Year. I always dread waiting for long periods of time while my car gets serviced because the shop is busy! I’ll be sure to take my car in during the end of December!

  5. Great idea! I have never heard this before. Your article seems very useful for me. From some days, I am wondering for best and most useful budget friendly tips for servicing but unable to find the right one. Fortunately, I have solved my problem by reading your informative stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable info with us! Keep posting my friend.

  6. Thanks for the advice. When you a fleet of cars, it’s hard to keep up with maintenance sometimes. You said that most people avoid mechanics in the early part of the year; maybe we’ll talk to someone who can do fleet services and see if we can get most of our vehicles serviced at once then. It would be nice to keep them on the same schedule.

  7. My mechanic is very good at his job. Because of this, he’s always so busy! I’ll definitely go in after Christmas but before New Years. That way my car can get extra attention and get a thorough checkup.

  8. Figuring out maintenance schedules is never easy, but absolutely important for an auto fleet. The general guidelines that you give here are perfect and could be incorporated by anyone. Since Christmas and other holidays are coming we will be sure to try and avoid these times since they can get bogged down greatly.

  9. There are a lot of things that I can figure out how to do, but working on my car is not one of them. The last time I got under my hood to fix a problem I made the situation so much worse. I’m just grateful for good auto repair shops that help people like me who don’t know what they are doing.

  10. These are some great car tips. Nothing is worse than taking your car into the auto shop and having to wait for hours. It makes sense that going during bad weather is best, as I normally stay home during bad weather too. Thanks for the advice, next time I have to go into the shop, I’ll keep this in mind!

  11. I like your tip about taking your car into an auto center for service during the winter. It’s true that some people will try to avoid bad weather and your car could be the only one in the shop. This could allow for special attention to your vehicle. I’ll have to keep that in mind next year. Thanks for the tip.

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