Is It Time for an Oil Change? 5 Ways You Can Tell

We’ve all been there: you happen to glance up at the service sticker on your windshield and realize that’s you’re overdue for an oil change. If you notice that you’re past the recommended date for your next visit, or if your mileage has gone past the mark (and beyond), you should make an appointment to get your oil checked as soon as possible. Oil changes are an unavoidable part of vehicle maintenance because engine oil keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Be wary of these 5 signs to see if it’s time to bring your car to Performance Auto Repair for an oil change.

5 Signs It’s Time for an Oil Change

You Have No Idea When You Last Had an Oil Change

Like we said: if you’re overdue for a visit, or you can’t remember the last time you brought your car in, it’s time for an oil change. Regular oil changes keep your engine well-lubricated so that it can run as designed. Can’t keep track of your oil changes to save your life? Keep a notebook in your car that’s dedicated to tracking maintenance checks.

The Oil Is Old

Good, clean oil is a honey-brown color. As oil is used, it changes color from that honey-brown to the darker, grittier sludge that’s not so good for your engine. These particles can overload your filter and clog your engine, so get rid of that old oil ASAP.

Low Oil Levels

We’ve all heard someone say that their oil is low before going to get an oil change. Oil can be topped off as long as it’s not old; once it gets old, it can’t do its job effectively (see above). The best way to ensure that you’re putting good, clean oil through your engine is by getting an oil change.

Your Engine Seems Louder Than Usual

All moving parts need some form of lubrication to keep them running smoothly and minimize friction. If you hear your engine grinding or making other unsavory noises, your engine probably isn’t getting enough lubrication and your oil needs to be changed before any serious damage occurs.

The Check Engine Light Comes On…and Stays On

Many older cars don’t come with oil gauges like newer models. In these older vehicles, the “Check Engine” light will come on if something’s wrong with your engine oil or the engine itself. Rather than playing guessing games, bring your car in for an inspection or check the dipstick to make sure your oil level is good.

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  1. I read your blog you have so much information about automotive maintenance. These tips are very useful to us. Thanks for Sharing.

  2. Thank you for mentioning that an engine that makes irritating grinding noises meant that you’re already scheduled for an oil change. Hearing such strange engine noises while on the interstate should alert Uncle Charles to detour and get his RV to the nearest local automobile repair service. He wouldn’t want his engine to get damaged and conk out by not being properly lubricated, especially when he’s in the middle of the highway. It would be great if he could get his engine lubricated and get fresh oil to prevent any serious issues from cropping up.

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