How to Tell if it’s Time for a New Alternator

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It’s your worst nightmare: you have somewhere to be and your car won’t start. There are various reasons that your vehicle won’t start but one of the main culprits could be a bad alternator. If your alternator is failing, it could be time to schedule an appointment for replacement. Keep an eye out for these common signs to see if the time is right to replace your alternator today:

The alternator is an important piece of machinery recycles the energy from the battery while you drive while also providing the other systems in your vehicle with the power they need to run efficiently. If the alternator goes down, the battery power reserve won’t last. If your car is having difficulties, it can be hard to tell if it’s the battery or the alternator.

How to Tell if Your Alternator is Bad

Weird Smells and Sounds

Your alternator works because of a system of belts. If any of the belts aren’t working properly, you may notice a burnt rubber smell throughout your car. Additionally, as parts get worn down or break, you may notice a grinding sound. Alternators are usually replaced piece by piece, so get an expert opinion today if you notice any of these smells or sounds.

Dim Car Lights

Some dashboard lights will dim and brighten with the light outside, but your headlights and dashboard lights may stay very dim if your alternator is starting to die. Other electronics in your car like the power windows or power seats may move slower than usual if you have a malfunctioning alternator.

Weak Battery

Your alternator and battery go together like peas and carrots. The alternator is supposed to replenish your battery but a good thing can only last for so long. If the battery is weak or dead, the alternator cannot revive it. If you need to figure out if the battery or the alternator is the reason behind your dead car, try to recharge your battery and restart your vehicle. If the car is still struggling to start after the battery is fully charged, the problem is definitely your alternator.

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