The What and Why of Wheel Alignment

Many people have cars, but only a few of them realize the importance of maintaining their wheels through wheel alignment. We shouldn’t just pay attention to our car’s wheels when we are stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. We should always be concerned with our car’s wheels, specifically their wheel alignment. The fact of the matter is that without proper wheel alignment, you wouldn’t be able to get around in your car. Understanding what wheel alignment is and why it’s important is essential, and lucky for you, Performance Truck & Automotive Repair has the skinny on wheel alignment.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, also known as “tracking” and/or “breaking,” is when you adjust your vehicle’s wheels back to the angles originally set by the manufacturer. In other words, wheel alignment ensures that the wheels of your vehicle are set perpendicular to the surface of the road. Although this doesn’t sound all that important, it is. So, just how does your car’s wheel alignment impact your car?

Why it’s Important

Fuel Efficiency – your vehicle works much harder and burns more fuel if you do not align its wheels. This is because the wheels in your vehicle experience an uneven level of friction, giving way to more resistance from the road’s surface. Aligning your vehicle’s wheels helps you reduce this friction, which greatly improves your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Money Saver – not properly aligning your vehicle’s wheels will cause your tires to experience an uneven level of friction, wearing them down more quickly. This means that you will incur the cost of buying new tires. You can cut down these expenses by regularly aligning your vehicle’s wheels and skipping the costs of frequently buying new tires.

Improved Safety – if you neglect necessary wheel alignment responsibilities, your vehicle may unexpectedly pull or swerve to one side of the road. For safer handling, it is critical that you align the wheels of your vehicle properly.

Vehicle Performance – your vehicle will exhibit problems with the brake shaft, steering system, and suspension when you do not properly align its wheels. To avoid these issues, keep up with your wheel alignment and other maintenance necessities.

Now that you know the what and why of wheel alignment, regularly getting a wheel alignment shouldn’t even be a question. If your car is experiencing any of these telltale warning signs, don’t hesitate to take action. Get a wheel alignment as soon as possible!

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