How to Prep Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

The arrival of summer always starts to create a longing for adventure. After months of unpredictable weather or navigating wet, slippery roads, clear skies and warm weather are good enough reasons to pack up the car and see where the journey takes you.

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Spark Plugs: What Are They & Why Are They Important?

image with text spark plugs: what are they & why are they important

The spark plugs on your engine are more than just confusing bits of metal. They are complicated pieces of technology that send electrical energy to the combustion chamber in your engine. This little spark sets off the “explosion” that creates controlled chaos in the chamber and starts your engine. Not a small role, by any means.  Continue reading “Spark Plugs: What Are They & Why Are They Important?” »

Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes Everyone Makes

open car hood with text vehicle maintenance mistakes everyone makes

Not everyone can be as knowledgeable as a mechanic, but any car owner can make changes to their maintenance routine to take better care of their vehicle. A well-tuned machine needs more than gasoline to work properly. Any vehicle needs regular inspections, parts replaced or lubed, tires rotated and fluids refilled.

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Choosing The Right Child Safety Seat

Child in booster seat with text choosing the right child safety seat

With so many options to choose from, new parents may find it daunting to find the right child safety seat. Reduce the risk of injury by making sure you check all the requirements and recommendations for the vehicle, the child safety seat and state law.

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