Why is My Car Shaking? The Answer May be Internal

Picture this: you’re going down the road, enjoying the drive on a sunny afternoon when your car starts to shudder. Not only are you physically shaken, but you’re also suddenly nervous. A shaking, shuddering vehicle is never a good sign. There are many different things that could cause your car to shake. The important thing is to get your car inspected as soon as possible so you can see if the shaking is caused by some external factor, like a bumpy road, or if it’s an internal issue.

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If Your Check Engine Light Comes On, Don’t Freak Out!

When your check engine light comes on, it can seem completely random and have no logical explanation. Figuring out what triggered the indicator can be frustrating. However, there is hope: automotive technicians can delve deep into your car’s memory to find out exactly what’s going wrong, saving you valuable time and money.
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Spark Plugs: What Are They & Why Are They Important?

The spark plugs on your engine are more than just confusing bits of metal. They are complicated pieces of technology that send electrical energy to the combustion chamber in your engine. This little spark sets off the “explosion” that creates controlled chaos in the chamber and starts your engine. Not a small role, by any means.  Continue reading “Spark Plugs: What Are They & Why Are They Important?” »

Replacing Your Vehicle’s Ignition Wires & Spark Plugs

an old and a new spark plug with title text Replacing your vehicle's ignition wires and spark plugs.

For those unfamiliar with what makes your car run, hearing that you have a spark plug issue like a cylinder misfire or a wiring problem is frustrating news. The parts aren’t expensive but, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can end up shelling out more than you want to have a professional fix the problem. Good news, changing spark plugs is something you can tackle yourself. Continue reading “Replacing Your Vehicle’s Ignition Wires & Spark Plugs” »

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