Plan Your Next Road Trip: The Deep South

Summer is fast approaching and that means more people will be hitting the road on new adventures. Whether you’ve never been to the South or you already live in here and are planning a weekend vacation, here are some must-visit areas on your road trip.
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Top 5 Places to Go Off-Roading This Summer

image with text top 5 places to go off-roading this summer

It’s time to get those tires muddy! If you love off-roading adventures, we’ve found the best places to put your vehicle to the test. Explore these locations this summer to have a fantastic off-roading adventure.  Continue reading “Top 5 Places to Go Off-Roading This Summer” »

Preparing Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

happy family smiling in car

Summer road trips are a beloved national pastime, an excellent use of long warm days to explore the open road and witness new pastures. But as fun as they can be, your trip can be derailed in a second by a fault in your car. Preventative maintenance is the responsible choice when planning a road trip, and getting prepared is as easy as a few simple steps. Continue reading “Preparing Your Car for a Summer Road Trip” »

Going on Spring Break? Make Sure Your Car is Ready!

Going on Spring Break-

Before hitting the open road on your spring break adventure, you want to make sure your car is ready for the trip. There are several easy ways to make car maintenance your number one priority. Read further for a list of suggestions even a novice can do.

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Keep your Car Road Trip-Ready

The windows are down, the music is loud, and the car is packed with your vacation gear — at last, you’ve embarked on your summer getaway.  Before you fill your trunk with inner tubes and snorkeling gear, make sure your engine is road trip-ready! This summer, protect your car by keeping up on simple engine maintenance.


Think of oil as the blood that pumps through the heart of your car. Simply put: it’s essential. The good news is that the cost of oil or an oil change is relatively cheap, so there’s no excuse to put off this pertinent task. If you make checking your car’s oil part of your daily routine, then you should be able to avoid any oil-induced car catastrophes.  After all, nobody wants one of those on their grand getaway!


1. Each time you fill up your tank, make a habit of checking your oil.

2. When checking your oil, make sure your dipstick (reference your owner’s manual if you have any questions about this)  is thoroughly wiped down, and have your vehicle parked on flat ground to ensure an accurate reading.

3. Change your oil every 3,000 miles. This has been the gold standard for oil changes for decades now, but newer cars tend to require less frequent oil changes (again, see your owner’s manual for information specific to your car).


A quick look at your car’s coolant level is another easy way to check your engine’s vitals. If you’re wondering why it’s important to do this, then look no further than the first part of the word — “cool.”  Just as the name suggests, coolant keeps your engine (an otherwise hot area) nice and cool. If you neglect your coolant levels, you’ll run the risk of your car overheating, something that shouldn’t be a part of any road trip!

Quick Tips:

1. Your coolant level should rise between the high and low markers on the tank.

2. In the event that your coolant level is low, it’s best to purchase coolant and fill the reservoir to optimal levels ASAP. And if you’re on the road, know that many gas stations carry coolant.

Once you’ve crossed an oil and a coolant checkup off of your to-do list, your engine will be road trip-ready.  Now comes the fun part — wide, open roads, the license plate game, and other vacation shenanigans!

Need an oil change or a tune up? Leave it to our professionals at Performance Truck & Automotive Repair. We’ll take the extra mile to make sure your car is ready for some summer fun!

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