Does Your Vehicle Need a Spring Tune-Up?

When the weather gets warmer, it’s a good time to think about getting your vehicle checked to make sure it’s not experiencing any damage caused by severe winter weather. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can take a toll on your vehicle, especially if it’s been parked outside for a majority of the time.

To officially welcome the warmer months ahead, why not give your vehicle a proper spring tune-up? A tune-up is a very basic, routine type of maintenance that should be performed regularly to ensure your vehicle is performing the way it should be.

Spring tune-ups increase the safety, performance, and lifespan of your vehicle.

Spring Tune-Up Checklist:

1. Get an oil change

After a long season of driving in fluctuating temperatures, your engine oil has been through a lot. The various weather changes (snow, slush, rain, mud, etc.) cause your engine filter to work harder than normal. Keeping your filter and engine fluids clean and topped off is important. During a tune-up, all the fluids, including the washer fluid, will be checked and refilled, as well as the engine oil.

2. Spark plugs & wires

Spark plugs can get worn out over time, especially in colder weather, which can lead to a delay in your engine turnover, hard starts, a misfire, or even cause your engine to stall. During your spring tune-up, the spark plug wires will be inspected and replaced if they are not functioning correctly.

3. Cleanse your fuel filter

One of the essential items to check during a tune-up is your vehicle’s fuel filter. The fuel filter is a device that filters out dirt and other particles from your fuel, so it burns cleanly. During a tune-up, the fuel filter will either be cleaned using a special cleansing liquid, or it will be replaced entirely depending on the condition of the filter.

Schedule Your Tune-Up with Performance Auto Repair

Preventative maintenance is key to your safety on the road during all seasons; make sure you get your vehicle in for its seasonal tune-up this spring, especially before heading out on those long summer road trips. Trust us; your car will thank you for it!

Call Performance Auto Repair of Montgomery today at (334) 245-6600 to schedule your tune-up today!

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Why You Need Preventative Maintenance for Your Car

Preventative Maintenance for Your Car

Just like your body needs to see a doctor to make sure everything checks out fine, your vehicle needs to visit a mechanic who performs preventative maintenance on your car. This ensures that your automobile will be in good working order for years and that you won’t be subjected to costly repairs in the future. Taking the time to recognize the importance of preventative maintenance for cars increases the longevity of your vehicles and eliminates the need to replace them sooner than manufacturer’s suggestions.

Essential Car Maintenance

Over time, the parts on a vehicle wear down. Unless they are fixed or replaced, they render a vehicle inoperable. By performing some preventative maintenance for cars at home, you’re able to identify potential problems and get your vehicles into a mechanic before they become bigger issues.

Getting to know your owner’s manual allows you to see factory suggestions for tire pressure and tire size. It gives you suggestions on how often to change your oil, filters, and timing belts. This type of preventative maintenance for cars was tested by the manufacturer of the vehicle and is proven to keep vehicles in good working order.

Following the suggestions in the manual can keep you from breaking down in the middle of rush hour traffic or getting stranded at night on a dark road. Although some repairs are anything but predictable, good preventative maintenance for cars keeps them from growing in size and cost.

Some preventative maintenance for cars can be done quickly taking only minutes at a time. These tasks involve checking fluid levels as well as the oil, examining belts and tires, testing brake lights and turn signals, and noting how well the speedometer and other display items work on a routine basis.

Protect Your Car from Future Problems

Any potential problems that come up can be fixed by a trusted mechanic. That’s the best thing about preventative maintenance for cars. It saves you money and the frustration of having to try to catch a ride wherever you need to go. Contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto Repair today in Montgomery.

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