Why is My Car Shaking? The Answer May be Internal

Picture this: you’re going down the road, enjoying the drive on a sunny afternoon when your car starts to shudder. Not only are you physically shaken, but you’re also suddenly nervous. A shaking, shuddering vehicle is never a good sign. There are many different things that could cause your car to shake. The important thing is to get your car inspected as soon as possible so you can see if the shaking is caused by some external factor, like a bumpy road, or if it’s an internal issue.

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Hitting Potholes May be More Dangerous Than You Realize

Potholes are massive craters in the road that can damage cars and trucks so much that they need serious repairs. Potholes can wreck tires, bumpers, suspension, and more. The full extent of the damage to your vehicle depends on the size of the hole and how fast you’re going when you hit the hole. Drivers who go too fast and unsuspectingly hit a pothole may find themselves with an astronomical auto repair bill.  Continue reading “Hitting Potholes May be More Dangerous Than You Realize” »

What Happens to Your Vehicle if Your Wheels Aren’t Aligned?

image with text what happens to your vehicle if your wheels aren't aligned

Maintaining proper tire alignment on your vehicle not only protects your tires; it also helps to prevent accidents down the road. Without proper alignment, your tires suffer, which means your vehicle suffers. Here’s how:
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Avoiding Damage From Potholes

Image of water filled pothole with title text avoiding damage from potholes.

Avoid damage to your tires, and entire car, by avoiding potholes. You might think they are no big deal, just drive over them because your car can take it, but repeated abuse from potholes will start to deteriorate your car. Potholes are formed when water gets into the ground and freezes, which results in expansion that shifts the pavement. The combination of thawing water and vehicles repeatedly driving over the spot result in the pavement being pushed down into the hole. Continue reading “Avoiding Damage From Potholes” »

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