Diesel vs. Gasoline Engines 101

When should you have a truck with a diesel engine, and when is a gasoline engine a better idea? What are the biggest differences between the two options, and are the differences really that big of a deal?

Yes! Diesel engines – you guessed it – burn diesel fuel, whereas gasoline engines burn gasoline. Diesel fuel and gasoline burn differently.

Vintage TruckGasoline Engine Basics

Gasoline engines, in comparison to diesel engines, tend to have more horsepower, which means trucks with gasoline engines are usually able to accelerate more quickly as a result. Since gasoline engines can reach higher speeds more quickly, trucks with these engines tend to have lower towing capacity. But since they accelerate and reach higher speeds more quickly than diesel engines, a truck with a gasoline engine may be more ideal if you do a lot of city or highway driving.

Trucks with gasoline engines don’t generate as much force to pull and haul heavy loads – like an RV, for example – because gasoline has a lower energy density than diesel fuel. When gasoline burns, it does not generate as much energy compared to diesel fuel, which means diesel engines tend to have a better fuel economy since they burn less fuel.

The Low-Down on Diesel Engines

Diesel BackgroundDiesel engines, on the other hand, have more towing capacity and generate the torque necessary to pull heavy loads up steep inclines. Trucks with gasoline engines are at a disadvantage here. Diesel engines are also designed to be more efficient than gasoline engines, because they inject fuel directly into the cylinder. This means diesel engines waste less fuel, because they burn more fuel. However, the fuel injection system requires special maintenance, and is costly to fix if this system breaks down.

Trucks with diesel engines are a better bet if you want a truck with better towing capacity. If you frequently do a lot of hauling, diesel engine trucks are built to stand up to any task.

Trucks with gasoline engines may be right for you if you don’t require a vehicle with optimal towing capacity.

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Extend Tire Life with Wheel Alignments

Everyone likes to protect a good investment. Vehicles are no different. There are almost 200 million drivers in the United States alone, all of whom spend about 15 hours a week in their cars. That’s a lot of time spent with your vehicle.

Owning a vehicle has plenty of implied costs associated with it. Maintenance, repairs, gas, and oil changes to name a few. Buying new tires is one of the bigger expenses that come along with that investment and time spent together. However, there are ways to keep tires in good condition for longer.

Importance of Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is what helps a vehicle handle smoothly. Misalignment, along with incorrect tire inflation, are the two main factors that cause tires to wear prematurely. Poor al

ignment alone can reduce a tire’s lifespan by 70%. That would result in buying a lot of new tires in the time you own your vehicle.

If your car has a tendency to vibrate, shimmy, or pull to one side while driving at highway speeds there’s a chance that you may be in need of an alignment. These problems can be caused by curb bumping (aka curb checking), taking corners too fast, or braking hard frequently. While some of these things are inavoidable at times, making a habit of them can result in misalignment that in turn causes tires to wear unevenly.

Aside from not having to buy new tires as often, alignments can help save money in other ways too. Tire wear may not seem like it’s that big of a deal, think again. Uneven wear can contribute to poor road handling and even reduce your vehicles fuel efficiency if the problem isn’t addressed promptly.

Come to Performance Trucks and Auto if you notice any changes in the handling of your vehicle, see noticeable wear on your tires, or know you’ve recently hit something with your wheel.


Shocks and Struts – How to Extend their Lifetime

Shocks and struts are important components of every car. In addition to helping with your car’s suspension and handling, they also impact your vehicle’s braking system. So, don’t be fooled into thinking that old or damaged shocks and struts just make for a bumpy ride. Left uncared for, they can make for a dangerous one. Performance Truck & Automotive Repair cares about the safety of our customers, so we’ve created a list with a couple of ways you can extend the lifetime of your car’s shocks and struts.

Check your Seals

By nature, your car’s shocks and struts are exposed to all of the elements of the road. Depending where you live, this kind of exposure can have various effects on your car’s hardware. Mud, gravel, and other gunk can damage your seals, so it’s good to periodically give them a quick check.

Oil leaks, on the other hand, can also be troublesome. Sometimes the sheer age of your car’s oil seals can prompt damage to your shocks and struts. “Most struts also utilize replaceable dust boots to keep contaminants from damaging the oil seals. To prolong the life of the replacement shocks or struts, these components should be replaced if they are worn, cracked, damaged or missing,” suggests an industry expert. Ignoring these issues can lead to the premature replacement of your car’s shocks and struts, and nobody wants that!

Shock and Strut-Friendly Driving Surfaces

Sometimes, you just have to drive down those curvy, country gravel roads. We understand that you can’t avoid these roads entirely, but when you can, take an alternate route. As your car goes over bumps, the shocks and struts get the grunt of it. Excessive driving on uneven surfaces can cause a piston leak, yet another factor that will prompt your car’s shocks and struts to not operate well. So, when you can, opt to drive on smoother, straighter roads. And if your vehicle does get a piston leak, fix it as soon as possible.

It’s standard practice to replace your car’s shocks and struts every 50,000 miles. But if your car is driving poorly or you’re concerned about the safety of its shocks and struts, visit an automotive expert. For quality car repair service, call Performance Truck & Automotive Repair at (334) 245-6600.

Importance of Computerized Diagnostic Service

Computerized diagnostic service is a method of electronic diagnostic testing used to help car owners identify a car problem using computerized equipment. This auto diagnostic procedure is non-invasive, much like a MRI scan or X-ray. If you’re a car owner, you know how frustrating it can be when a service light appears on the dash screen of your car. The “Check Engine” light is perhaps the most frequent service light that drivers encounter.  This light can indicate a number of issues — some serious, some minor. The fact is that you simply can’t know without computerized diagnostic service. So, rather than risk your car’s safety, consider computerized diagnostic service. At Performance Truck & Automotive Repair, we’re experts in computer diagnostics, and we are here to inform car owners about their importance and value.

Benefits of Computerized Diagnostic Service

Identifying Problem Lights

There are several benefits that can be achieved when you give your vehicle computerized diagnostic service. The first and most important reason to run this test is, because it is the best way to identify the exact problem that prompted the service light to appear. After all, you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know what the issue is. After your car receives computerized diagnostic service, an auto shop can recommend the best method for repairing any existing car problems.

Discovering Unknown Issues

Computerized diagnostic service can also be used to diagnose auto issues that you may not have otherwise noticed. Although the issue discovered might not be too serious yet, computerized diagnostic service can help give you time to prepare for any upcoming auto issues identified throughout testing.

Computer diagnostics testing is easy. When it comes to the safe operation of your vehicle, there is no reason to take chances. So, next time that service light appears on your car’s dash, do not ignore it. Having computerized diagnostic service performed can help you learn what action, if any, needs to be taken. It may even identify issues you didn’t know existed. Does your vehicle need computerized diagnostic service? Give Performance Truck & Automotive Repair a call at (334) 245-6600 today.

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