Which Motor Oil Is Right At An Oil Change?

It’s time for an oil change! But when you get to Performance Auto, you notice there are four motor oil types: Full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, and high mileage. Which does your car need? What’s the difference between them all? Here’s the skinny on each type and what they are best used for!

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Is It Time for an Oil Change? 5 Ways You Can Tell

We’ve all been there: you happen to glance up at the service sticker on your windshield and realize that’s you’re overdue for an oil change. If you notice that you’re past the recommended date for your next visit, or if your mileage has gone past the mark (and beyond), you should make an appointment to get your oil checked as soon as possible. Oil changes are an unavoidable part of vehicle maintenance because engine oil keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Be wary of these 5 signs to see if it’s time to bring your car to Performance Auto Repair for an oil change. Continue reading “Is It Time for an Oil Change? 5 Ways You Can Tell” »

Spring Is Right Around the Corner: Is Your Car Ready?

image with text Spring Is Right Around the Corner: Is Your Car Ready?

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Little Things You Can Do to Pamper Your Vehicle

image of man and daughter looking at car engine with text little things you can do to pamper your vehicle

It used to be that most car maintenance could be performed in the driveway. With the introduction of computers and other technology, car upkeep has become complicated. Most jobs have to be performed by professionals. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you can still do some car maintenance. These tasks not only ensure car safety but also they keep your vehicle running great. Continue reading “Little Things You Can Do to Pamper Your Vehicle” »

The 4 Types of Engine Oil

oil being poured into an oil tank with title text the four types of engine oil.

What type of engine oil should you use for your vehicle?  Continue reading “The 4 Types of Engine Oil” »

When you should get an oil change

performance-trucks-oil-changeDid you know there are more than 300 million vehicles on the road today? The key to having a working vehicle and keeping it healthy is having quality oil changes. Think of oil as your blood. You do not want to put unhealthy blood in your body, so why would you put bad oil into your car?

Sometimes companies will give you discounted oil changes but how do you know if you are really getting a good deal?

Most times, when a professional installs motor oil into your car, the business will confirm with the driver about what kind of oil is going to be put into your car. However, they will most likely use this as an opportunity to up sell you on the oil used.

Here is a simple checklist you should use to make an informed decision about your motor oil:

  • When to change: Check your owner’s manual for t

    he recommended oil change frequency. Your car may have an oil life monitor on it, as well, so keep close check on that.

  • Know what you are getting: The professional should be able to tell you the brand name, viscosity grade, and performance level of the oil before they pour it into your car. Ask for it in writing or receipt. If they can’t confirm what they’re putting in your car or won’t write it down, you should consider a different oil change service at another location.
  • Does the oil meet your performance level recommended for your car?: The type of motor oil used in your car matters on two levels: the type of vehicle you have and how you use it. You should check your vehicle manufacturer manual  to find the motor oil recommended for your level of performance.

Your car matters and so does the oil you put inside it. To make sure you are getting a quality oil change, stop on by Performance Trucks and we’ll treat your car the way it needs to be treated. Give us a call today at (334) 245-6600


Keep your Car Road Trip-Ready

The windows are down, the music is loud, and the car is packed with your vacation gear — at last, you’ve embarked on your summer getaway.  Before you fill your trunk with inner tubes and snorkeling gear, make sure your engine is road trip-ready! This summer, protect your car by keeping up on simple engine maintenance.


Think of oil as the blood that pumps through the heart of your car. Simply put: it’s essential. The good news is that the cost of oil or an oil change is relatively cheap, so there’s no excuse to put off this pertinent task. If you make checking your car’s oil part of your daily routine, then you should be able to avoid any oil-induced car catastrophes.  After all, nobody wants one of those on their grand getaway!


1. Each time you fill up your tank, make a habit of checking your oil.

2. When checking your oil, make sure your dipstick (reference your owner’s manual if you have any questions about this)  is thoroughly wiped down, and have your vehicle parked on flat ground to ensure an accurate reading.

3. Change your oil every 3,000 miles. This has been the gold standard for oil changes for decades now, but newer cars tend to require less frequent oil changes (again, see your owner’s manual for information specific to your car).


A quick look at your car’s coolant level is another easy way to check your engine’s vitals. If you’re wondering why it’s important to do this, then look no further than the first part of the word — “cool.”  Just as the name suggests, coolant keeps your engine (an otherwise hot area) nice and cool. If you neglect your coolant levels, you’ll run the risk of your car overheating, something that shouldn’t be a part of any road trip!

Quick Tips:

1. Your coolant level should rise between the high and low markers on the tank.

2. In the event that your coolant level is low, it’s best to purchase coolant and fill the reservoir to optimal levels ASAP. And if you’re on the road, know that many gas stations carry coolant.

Once you’ve crossed an oil and a coolant checkup off of your to-do list, your engine will be road trip-ready.  Now comes the fun part — wide, open roads, the license plate game, and other vacation shenanigans!

Need an oil change or a tune up? Leave it to our professionals at Performance Truck & Automotive Repair. We’ll take the extra mile to make sure your car is ready for some summer fun!


The 5 Signs You Need An Oil Change

When was the last time your motor oil was replaced? If you are one of those individuals who goes beyond the recommended time frame before getting an oil change, it is vital that you get one as soon as possible. An oil change should be part of your vehicle maintenance, because a properly lubricated engine will perform better and be more efficient. At Performance Truck & Automotive Repair, we care about your vehicle, so we’ll share the five signs that your car needs an oil change.

Reason #1 | The Oil Level Drops

Engines use up engine oil over time. When this occurs, the oil can continually be used as long as it’s not old. If the oil is old, it is not doing its job effectively. If your engine is not working well due to an oil issue, it ends up using more oil to enhance its performance. When you detect that your oil level is extremely low, make sure you don’t just fill it up. To ensure that the consistency is right, it may be time for an oil change.

Reason #2 | Your Check Engine Light Won’t Go Away

Most newer cars come with their own oil gauge as opposed to the older versions. For older model cars, the “Check Engine” light might come on when there is something wrong with your engine lubricant. Instead of wasting time looking for other causes, simply check the dipstick to determine the oil level.

Reason #3 | You Can’t Remember the Last Time you Changed your Oil

Aside from making sure the right oil is at the correct level, it is critical that you establish a schedule when it comes to an oil change. If you honestly can’t figure out the last time you had an oil change, it is time you had it changed. Note the date it is done and establish a healthy schedule. Need a reminder? Try using a notebook in your glove compartment to keep a solid record.

Reason #4 | Your Engine is Running Louder Than Usual

Oil lubricates your engine and is critical for vehicle maintenance. In the absence of lubrication, the engine guts start to grind against each other, causing unpleasant noises to come from under your car’s hood. In these instances, it is recommended that you get an oil change immediately.

Reason #5 | The Oil Looks Black and Gritty

While the original color of oil is honey brown, it darkens with use. When particles start appearing in the black oil, it is time to have an oil change. Doing so ensures that you won’t overload the filter to the extent that it starts producing contaminants that clog up your car’s engine.

These five reasons are good guidelines for getting an oil change. As a car owner, it’s important to get an oil change regularly. Need an expert to get the job done? Look no further than Performance Truck & Automotive Repair — we’re oil change experts!

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