What Should You Do if Your Engine Overheats?

image with text what should you do if your engine overheats?

Nothing puts a stop to summer fun like car troubles. The last thing you want is to be cruising down the highway only for your engine to overheat. Performance Auto is here to help you prevent your engine from overheating and to help you find the best course of action if it does. Discover what you should do about an overheated engine: Continue reading “What Should You Do if Your Engine Overheats?” »

Top Signs Your Car’s Engine Needs Repair

Top Signs Your Car's Engine Needs Repair

Proper engine repair as soon as a problem occurs helps keep your car running for much longer. Recognizing the top signs that something is wrong in the engine helps you get things fixed before bigger and more expensive problems occur. If you see or hear any of the following signs, make an appointment with a qualified mechanic for engine repair right away.

Excessive Exhaust or Smoke of Any Color

Exhaust shows up as a plume of white on chilly mornings, but if you continue to spew smoke as you drive your car needs engine repair. White means fuel mixed with water or coolant. Blue means engine oil is burning. Black means too much fuel is being burned. In all cases, something is leaking and your engine needs attention fast.

Noises That are Signs of Trouble

A whine, squeak or rattle indicates something is wrong. However sounds like clunking, knocking and banging are a sign that you should get off the road immediately. This usually means the bearings are worn, without oil or ready to seize up. Get your car towed to an engine repair facility in order to avoid the possibility of needing a new engine entirely.

Gradual or Immediate Loss of Power or Performance

Older cars do not perform as well as newer models, but if power decreases rapidly or drastically, it is a sign that something is wrong. Also, be aware of changes in fuel efficiency. These symptoms can encompass a wide range of problems, so an engine repair professional should diagnose the vehicle.

Whether the signs your car needs engine repair are subtle, such as a loss of accelerating power, or drastic, like a huge cloud of black smoke, getting help early is the best choice. The longer you put off repairs and maintenance, the greater the chance of complete engine failure.

When you need engine repair, make sure to call Performance Auto Repair immediately at (334) 245-6600 for service in Montgomery.

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