Ice and Snow On the Roads

This is the time of year when the weather can be unpredictable. While we don’t tend to see a lot of snow here in Montgomery, anything is possible. Even though we may not have a huge threat of inclement weather here, it’s still good to learn about driving on snow and ice for your travels.

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Create an Emergency Cold Weather Kit

Winter is full of the unexpected. It’s important during this season to be prepared for anything, especially if you plan to travel a far distance. What will the weather be like in the next state over? Just in case you get stuck in a storm or anything else stops you from moving forward, it’s important to pack your car with an emergency cold weather preparedness kit.

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Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow

As winter creeps closer and closer, we need to start thinking about the possibility of snow. Snow in any amount, even flurries, can cause problems on the road and could be potentially dangerous. Here are a few tips to stay safe in the cold season ahead.

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Tire Pressure and Cold Weather

As temperatures start to cool down, you may notice your TPMS light illuminating, meaning your tire pressure has lowered. This light doesn’t necessarily mean you have a leak, it’s actually very common to see changing tire pressure with weather changes, but why? Is low pressure a big deal? Let’s find out:

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Prevent Cold Weather Vehicle Damage

woman in winter coat looking under the hood of a mini van with title text Prevent Cold Weather Vehicle Damage.

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5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready For Winter

man scraping ice with text 5 ways to get your car ready for winter

Five tips to help you prepare your car for winter. Continue reading “5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready For Winter” »

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