Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter is coming… Before we know it, we’ll be bundled up and watching for any signs of snow and ice. Before Jack Frost comes to town, it’s best to get your car winter-ready. Here are some tips to winterize your vehicle now.

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How to Jump-Start a Car Battery

A dead battery can happen any time, and usually when you are least prepared. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t jump-start a car all that often and may not remember what goes where or when. Jumping your car improperly can be dangerous and costly. So, here is a step by step refresher on how to jump-start a car in case you ever need it!

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Spring Is Right Around the Corner: Is Your Car Ready?

image with text Spring Is Right Around the Corner: Is Your Car Ready?

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to look to the future. Whether you have a busy summer planned or you’re looking forward to a stay-cation, you’ll still need your car to safely get you to your destination. Do you and your car a favor checking vital components before you start your travels.  Continue reading “Spring Is Right Around the Corner: Is Your Car Ready?” »

How to Jump Start a Car in 7 Steps

image with text how to jump start a car in 7 steps

Whether you have the memory of a goldfish and leave your lights on all night occasionally or you just like to help those in a spot of trouble, knowing how to jump start a car is an important skill. Guess what? It’s a quick and easy process with a few simple steps. Continue reading “How to Jump Start a Car in 7 Steps” »

Tips For Prolonging Your Car Battery

car battery being placed in a vehicle with title text three tips for prolonging your car battery.

Nothing is worse than your battery dying when you are running late for work, except when you’ve left it too long and the car explodes because it was overcharged. Maintaining the original quality of your car battery can be a huge task if you don’t know all of the precautions to take and tips to follow. There are a few simple ways that you can make sure your car is charged to perfection for safe and worry-free operation every day. Continue reading “Tips For Prolonging Your Car Battery” »

3 Most Common Car Issues on a Road Trip

car driving down tree-lined road with text 3 most common car issues on a road trip

We spend a larger amount of time in cars during the summer than we do during the winter. Between cross-country road trips, errands around town and more frequent visits to see out of town family and friends, your car is sure to be busy. So, it is at a higher level of more importance that you know a little about what can go wrong while you’re out and about. If you don’t, then you are likely to experience one or more of the most common summer car failures. Continue reading “3 Most Common Car Issues on a Road Trip” »

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