5 Signs Your Car Needs a New Transmission

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Your car’s transmission is one of the most essential parts of your vehicle. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that your transmission needs regular maintenance just like your tires. If you haven’t been taking exceptional care of your transmission, there’s a chance that it could fail and cause expensive damage to your car. Take a look at these five hints that your auto transmission needs to be replaced:  Continue reading “5 Signs Your Car Needs a New Transmission” »

Most Common Problems with Automatic Transmission

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An automatic transmission is preferable for many motorists because it makes driving smooth and easy. Owning a vehicle with this type of transmission, however, comes with its own set of issues. For example, which auto body shops specialize in repairing and replacing an automatic transmission? These are things you have to consider when owning and maintaining a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Old and Dirty Transmission Fluid

If the automatic transmission problems you’re experiencing include the transmission slipping, overheating or failing, you may need to change out the transmission fluid. It’s likely that it’s old, dirty, and oxidizing in your vehicle as we speak. A fluid and filter change and flush are recommended to keep your vehicle running as well as it did when it was brand new.

Transmission Fluid Leak

A fairly simple repair that doesn’t typically cost much is a transmission fluid leak. This problem is evident when there is a pool of fluid underneath the vehicle. You may also smell something burning and that indicates that there is automatic transmission problems. Get it fixed right away to avoid bigger automatic transmission problems in the future.

Hard Shifts

Automatic transmission problems vary from vehicle to vehicle and hard shifts often alert you to bigger problems with your automobile. It may be something as simple as dirty transmission fluid or a bigger issue with a failed shift solenoid. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to get immediate attention to prevent further problems.

Having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis should be part of your car care regimen. If you haven’t had issues with your automatic transmission in the past, it doesn’t mean it won’t give you fits in the future. By learning how to identify potential automatic transmission problems, you can avoid major problems and even more costly repairs.

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