Top 5 Car and Truck Maintenance Mistakes

For many of us, our car or truck is our lifeline to the outside world. Without reliable transportation, we’re stranded or stuck relying on friends and family for a ride. However, as dependent as we are on our vehicles, many of us are guilty of committing these five maintenance sins – which one is your auto repair Achilles’ heel? Continue reading “Top 5 Car and Truck Maintenance Mistakes” »

Four Clues You Might Need Wheel Alignment Auto Service

In order for your car to take you the direction that you want to go, your tires need to be properly aligned. Many conditions can cause your wheels to become out of alignment, including driving over potholes or running into a curb. Thankfully, fixing the problem is relatively simple once you’ve identified it. Here are four ways to know if you need wheel alignment auto service.

Wheel Alignment Warning Signs

Car wheel fixed with computerized wheel alignment machine clamp

1. Your Car Pulls

When you steer your car straight, you want your car to actually go straight. If your car pulls to the left or the right, your alignment is likely off and you likely need wheel alignment auto service.

2. You Have to Turn Your Steering Wheel to Drive Straight

Similarly, if you have to turn your wheel to go straight, your wheel alignment is very likely off. You’ll need to see an auto service technician for wheel alignment to get everything lined up properly once again.

3. Your Wheels Show Uneven Wear

Uneven wear is another good sign that your alignment is off. When your wheels aren’t lined up correctly, your car puts more pressure on one side of the tires than the other. This causes uneven wear, and it won’t be long until you need wheel alignment auto service.

4. Your Tires Squeal

There are plenty of reasons why your tires might squeal and wheels in need of wheel alignment auto service are one of them. If you notice squealing tires in addition to any of the other symptoms in this list, take your car in for wheel alignment auto service as soon as you can.

There is no warning light that will tell you if your wheels are out of alignment. Instead, you’ll have to pay attention to the clues your car gives you and watch out for these four signs. Then, if you think your wheels might be out of alignment, be sure to make an appointment for auto service sooner rather than later.

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What Are the Best Times for Auto Service?

Most drivers know that their car needs regular auto service if it’s going to keep running. Routine auto service keeps your car on the road, and it saves you money. That’s because auto service takes preventative steps to ensure that you are unlikely to be facing a major repair bill.

Unfortunately, drivers also know that having routine auto service performed can be time consuming. While a good mechanic always needs time to make certain that a job is performed correctly, you can improve your chances of receiving efficient service by knowing which times are best for bringing in your car.

Quick Auto Service Tips

Auto Service in Montgomery, AL

These are just general guidelines for when auto service shops tend to be the least busy. Your mechanic can experience an uncharacteristically busy day at any of these times. Nonetheless, if you bring in your car when the weather is bad, you’ll probably get faster service. Essentially, when there’s ice or snow, people stay home. If you brave the weather, your car may be the only one in the shop. Another good time for auto service is April. That’s because it’s tax season, and most people are paying taxes or paying an accountant to get their taxes done.

The week between Christmas and the New Year is notoriously slow for mechanics. People are out of town or busy doing other things, so it’s definitely a good time to bring in your car. Most people also avoid the mechanic in late January and early February. Often this is because they just filed their taxes and they are waiting for a refund.

Bringing your car into the mechanic at one of these slow times has many advantages. Because the shop is empty, your car is going to get a lot of attention. Plus, the mechanic may be more willing to offer you a deal or haggle over the price in order to get your business. Having something to do is always better than having nothing to do.

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Five Things You Need to Know Before You Change Your Spark Plugs Yourself

If your spark plugs are getting old or have gone out and need to be replaced, you’ll be happy to hear that changing your spark plugs is actually a fairly simple auto service task you can do yourself. There are a few things that you need to know before you attempt to replace your spark plugs, though. Here are five.

Spark Plug Maintenance Tips

Auto Service Tips in Montgomery, AL

1. Wait Until Your Car is Cool

Try to change your spark plugs before the engine is cool, and you’ll probably strip the threads. It’s best to wait until your engine has cooled down before you attempt this auto service task.

2. Clean the Area

Engines aren’t known for being particularly clean places. If you remove the spark plugs from a dirty engine as part of your routine auto service, dirt and debris can go straight inside your engine and cause damage. Use compressed air or a shop vac to clean the area first.

3. Check if the Plugs Need to Be Replaced

You don’t want to replace your spark plugs if they aren’t the problem. Signs that you need to replace the spark plugs include: your car uses an excessive amount of gas, you have difficulty starting your car, or your engine misfires, surges or has a rough idle. Save your auto service tasks for when they are necessary.

4. Only Change One at a Time

It is essential that you don’t mix the wires when performing this auto service task. Keep the wires straight by only replacing one spark plug at a time. This will actually save you time as you don’t have to spend time figuring out where each plug goes.

5. Screw Them in Straight

Lastly, be sure that your spark plugs are screwed in straight. Otherwise, they could get stuck, a significant problem requiring professional auto service repair. Make sure they are straight by wiggling them slightly as you put them in. If they get tight too quickly, loosen them immediately and try again.

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