Recharging Your Car’s A/C

Sure, fall is just around the corner, but we’ll still be using our air conditioning for at least a few more weeks. If you’ve noticed slightly less oomph from your car’s AC, it may mean it’s time to recharge the AC. This is something you could do on your own. You’ll need an AC recharging kit and these instructions.

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Repairing Your Car’s Air Conditioner: Is it Worth it?

When your air conditioner goes out right before the humid, sweltering weather sets in for about five months it seems like the best idea is to just buy a new car you are so desperate. You know that, logically, buying a new car is illogical but getting your A/C fixed could be just as impractical.  Continue reading “Repairing Your Car’s Air Conditioner: Is it Worth it?” »

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