Strange and Unusual Automobile Laws Across the U.S.

image with text strange and unusual automobile laws across the u.s.

Sometimes strange and unusual laws remain because lawmakers forget about them. Sometimes they get forgotten and no one remembers to change them. No matter why they’re still in effect, you can still get tickets for disobeying these odd laws. We’ve put together some of these laws so that you can be prepared if you find yourself suddenly pulled over in Alabama or New Jersey.


Oddball Traffic Laws in the U.S.


You can forget the windshield, but you absolutely cannot forget the wipers. According to Texas law, it’s not necessary for sports cars and hotrods to have windshields, but all cars are required to have windshield wipers in order to register the vehicle.


Technically, even though a high majority of people do it, it is illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon.

Additionally, drivers are allowed to turn left off of a two-way street onto a one-way street if the light is red. Even if the driver is turning left onto a freeway ramp. Yikes!


Even the great state of Alabama has its idiosyncrasies. You can drive against traffic on a one-way street, but only if you have a lantern in front of your vehicle.


Definitely don’t jump out of your car at 65 miles per hour in Glendale, California. While it’s definitely a bad idea everywhere, Glendale just had to put the law on its books.

New Jersey

It’s against the law to have anything hanging from your rearview mirror in New Jersey, even if it’s of religious value. That includes air fresheners and fuzzy dice.


Make sure you park in the parking lot if you happen to drive through. If you drive off without stopping, police can give you a ticket.

While the U.S. is pretty consistent with its traffic laws across the nation, sometimes odd laws fall through the cracks. Regardless, there is one piece of advice we can give that always stays the same: be sure to perform routine maintenance and repair on your vehicle so it can safely get you from state to state!

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