Treat Your Vehicle to a Spring Tune-Up

car being worked on with text treat your vehicle to a spring tune-up

Now that the Midwest weather is getting warmer, it’s time to shake off winter. That means getting outdoors, and you’ll likely need to drive more. A spring tune-up that takes care of winter rust and other problems is what your car needs.

Get Rid of Rust with a Spring Tune Up

Winter rust is a major concern. This is mostly because of salt and chemical de-icers. Salt can damage paint, providing an opening for winter rust, and chemical de-icers cause damage too. These liquids seep into cracks, causing winter rust. If you find winter rust on your car, then you’ll need to stop it. Repair any body damage during your spring tune-up, and paint over scratches to prevent winter rust from spreading. Don’t forget to pay attention to the undercarriage. If the problem is advanced, you may need to enlist a professional.

Body Damage

Rust isn’t the only winter damage that is caused by road conditions. Salt can scratch the paint, and many people get into fender benders on icy streets. Take care of this winter damage as soon as you can to keep your car running in top form. Winter damage also may occur on the undercarriage where you can’t see it. Take it to a mechanic for a thorough review if you suspect things aren’t running as they should be.

Fluid Check

Winter damage may occur under the hood. As part of your car’s spring tune-up, look for winter damage that may have been caused by inadequate or improper fluids. A spring tune-up oil change is a great place to start. Often, the kind of oil that is used in the cold months to prevent winter damage is not the best formulation for warmer weather. Check fluids like coolant and the liquids in the transmission, brakes and power steering systems to ensure that you have adequate supplies.

Another common form of winter damage is a cracked or chipped windshield. Make replacing that windshield a part of your spring tune-up. It improves the driver’s visibility, and it may help you to avoid a ticket.

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