Make Your Back Seat Safer with Shoulder Belt Upgrades

Vintage cars can be a lot of fun to drive and maintain. There’s nothing like cruising down the freeway in your B-body Charger or getting under the hood of a 1964 Impala. Usually these types of cars are reserved for weekend drives once their owners have families, which is understandable. Your family’s safety is of the utmost importance.Chevrolet Impala

Enjoy Your Family’s Company in Your Classic Car

Classic American muscle often meant no back seat, or if it had a back seat, you were lucky if you got lap belts to keep passengers safe. Which may have been fine in the ’60s and ’70s, but in 2015, car seat laws require that you  It wasn’t until the late ’80s that cars started having shoulder and lap belts standard in the back seat.

Without a shoulder belt, strapping car seats in can be difficult and unsafe. Just a lap belt isn’t enough to hold your precious cargo in place. (Even though a lot of people grew up without any harnesses to hold them in back seats, it doesn’t mean that it was a good idea.) Alabama requires that kids sit in booster or car seats until they’re eight years old.

The Best of Both Worlds

Many cars can be easily retrofitted with shoulder belts. Installation can be fairly quick and easy. In fact, some cars from the ’80s already have mounting brackets installed. So, why not have the best of both worlds? You can enjoy time with your favorite vintage automobile and with your favorite people, too. Take your family for a cruise along the Gulf Coast in your Mustang Shelby.

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