Safety Tips For Icy Roads

icy intersection with text safety tips for icy roads

Even if you believe you can drive normally when roads are icy, you might not know that cars with AWD, 4WD and traction control are just as susceptible to losing control as any other car. It’s best to follow a few safety steps to make sure your trip is as safe as possible.

Don’t Drive

When conditions are inclement, just don’t drive. There can’t be much you need to do that can’t wait. Watch the weather forecast and make preparations for a coming ice storm.

Reduce Your Speed

The most important thing to do is slow down. Driving at speeds over 45 mph make it very difficult to stop and very easy lose control. Though highways may seem cleared, ice is pretty insidious and can pop up anywhere, so never drive faster than 45 on any street in any vehicle. Black ice conditions such result in a speed of 20 mph or less, making it to your destination in a timely manner is less important than your safety.

Go With Your Sliding

If you’re beginning to fishtail or slide, usually it means you are going too fast. High-speed slides are very difficult to correct successfully. If you begin sliding, turn your wheels in the direction that the rear of your car is sliding, turn the steering wheel in that direction you want to go. There is a tendency to over-correct, especially if you start to panic, if you do find yourself doing this just turn in the opposite direction and take deep breaths.

Avoid Hills

Gravity is nothing to mess with, chances are you will never make it up a hill. If you live at the top of one, just stay in because you might not make it home otherwise.

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