Safety Disadvantages of Pickup Trucks


Owning a pickup truck is a great choice for business and hauling cargo for projects, but using a truck as a vehicle for a young family can be very dangerous. There are many safety risks for adults and children alike.

Size & Weight Disadvantages

The largeness and the weight of a truck gives them longer stopping distances, so  stopping suddenly and  avoid collisions. When the cargo area is empty, all of the truck’s weight is in front but the drive wheels are in back, possibly leading to fishtailing in rain or ice.

Risks to Children

Obviously, don’t put anything living, except plants, in the cargo area. The biggest problem with using a pickup as a family car is that there is often no backseat so the risk of injury in an accident and from deployed airbags is high for kids. It is very ill-advised to transport children, especially infants, in a pickup. If it’s absolutely necessary, the safest spot is the center of the backseat and make sure the passenger airbag is deactivated, seat belts are properly secured and safety seats are correctly installed.

Considerations Before Buying a Truck

If you are in need of a truck and can only afford one vehicle you want to make sure it’s as safe as possible. Most modern pickups have bigger cabs with four-doors, these are going to be the safest choice because there is enough room to configure a child’s safety seat properly. More and more trucks offer collision alerts that help drivers brake earlier, and considering trucks take longer to stop, this is a great improvement.

Pickups are not the worst choice for hauling around a family with your cargo, but they certainly aren’t the worst considering all the safety featuring that are becoming standard.

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