Get Rid of the Winter in Your Car — It’s Time For Spring

image of car windshield wipers with text get rid of the winter in your car it's time for spring

With the erratic weather over the past couple of years, it is difficult to believe that spring is officially only a few weeks away now. Though the weather has been mostly (and suspiciously) mild throughout the country recently, there could still be the odd arctic blast headed our way. In the meantime, it’s time to prepare your car for the warming air and spring rain to come.

Fluids Check

You should always keep your eye on your fluid levels but when it is spring time you should make sure to check each fluid bottle’s dipstick or fill line. Most of these will last in between service appointments, but your windshield fluid will likely be low (especially if you live in a very icy or snowy area).

Exterior Work

Typically, windshield wipers are changed out in the spring after fighting the tough ice and snow all winter. You also want to be sure you have good quality wipers on to fight the spring rain.
Inspect your paint for signs of rust, which need to be treated immediately. Then finally give it a good wash to remove all of the grime collected during the winter and apply a fresh coat of wax.

Clean it Out

Even if you don’t have tons of trash in your car, it can still use a good cleaning. Take a look at the insides of your vehicle’s doors, it’s very likely there is a lot of scuffing and salt buildup from holding the door open with a foot. If you have kids, pay special attention to the backs of the front seats where they tend to kick with snowy and salty shoes. Wiping those off is pretty simple, just use a damp soft cloth. Next, take out the mats (wash or rinse them as needed) then vacuum the carpets. There is definitely a buildup of leaves, twigs and other small debris that was hiding under your mats.

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