Do I Need To Replace All Four Tires?

Replacing your car’s tires can quickly get expensive. While one tire is generally not too difficult to manage, a set of four can break the bank quickly, especially if you haven’t had time to budget for them. As a result, many car owners are asking the question, “Do I need to replace all four tires or can I just replace them two at a time?” The answer to this question depends on the type of drive you have.

How Many Tires Do You Need To Replace?

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Two-wheel Drive

If you have either front-wheel drive or back-wheel drive, but you do not have all-wheel drive, you may be able to just replace two tires at a time. Do not replace them left and right, however. Replace the front wheels together and the back wheels together.

All-wheel Drive

If you have all-wheel drive, however, replacing two tires at a time is probably not an option. The reason for this is simple. With all-wheel drive vehicles, the computer and the differential work together to send the right amount of torque to each wheel. If the wheels are different sizes, then the car gets an incorrect reading and it sends the wrong amount of torque. This can cause the drivetrain to wear out prematurely.

Of course, this wearing out happens over time, not all at once. If you have a flat tire, it is perfectly acceptable to replace one tire with the spare until you make it to the mechanic. You just would not want to drive around with mismatched tires for long distances or long amounts of time, however.

Also, you could also replace just one tire if the tire you were replacing was still nearly new when you replaced it. This way, the tires would still be very comparable in terms of size, since the old one hadn’t had time to wear down yet.

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The best way to deal with the issue of replacing tires, however, is simply to budget in advance, find a good deal and replace all four tires at once.

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