Do You Replace All of Your Vehicle’s Tires at Once?

image with text do you replace all of your vehicle's tires at once

Replacing one tire isn’t too difficult to handle financially, but replacing all of your car’s tires at once is expensive — especially if you haven’t budgeted for them. So, do you need to replace all four tires or can you just replace them two at a time? Read our suggestions on how you should replace your tires when the time comes.

How Many Tires Should You Replace?

Two-Wheel Drive

If your vehicle is a front-wheel drive or back-wheel drive, but you don’t have all-wheel drive, you may be able to get away with replacing only two tires at a time. Replace the front wheels together and the back wheels together, not side to side.

All-Wheel Drive

If you have all-wheel drive, however, replacing two tires at a time is not a viable an option. In all-wheel drive vehicles, the computer and the differential work together to send the correct amount of torque to each wheel. If the wheels are different sizes, then the car will have an incorrect reading and send the wrong amount of torque. This can cause the drivetrain to wear out early.

Replacing Only One Tire

Obviously, if you have a flat tire, you have to replace one tire with the spare until you make it to the mechanic. However, driving around with mismatched tires for long distances or long amounts of time. You can also replace one tire if the tire you were replacing was still nearly new. This way, the tires are still very comparable in terms of size, since the old one hasn’t had time to wear down yet.

It is most likely that if all of your tires were installed at once, they will wear out at the same time. Check your tire tread and if the tread is really worn, consider saving some money for a new set soon.

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