Repairing Your Car’s Air Conditioner: Is it Worth it?

When your air conditioner goes out right before the humid, sweltering weather sets in for about five months it seems like the best idea is to just buy a new car you are so desperate. You know that, logically, buying a new car is illogical but getting your A/C fixed could be just as impractical. 

Weak Airflow

If you notice reduced A/C airflow early rather than later and have it looked at before other fatal A/C system damage can happen. You might even be able to save it for a relatively decent cost.

Main causes of weak airflow:

  • Mold or mildew can accumulate in the evaporator core from residual moisture during the cooling process.
  • A loose hose, usually the blower hose that supplies air to the blower unit.
  • The ventilation fan is fried, and if the fan’s not blowing, air won’t flow well.
  • Core case seals, blower house seals, or evaporator core case seals can all open up and diminish airflow. A/C ventilation systems must remain sealed and once they’re opened, the whole system is done.


A/C Has Lost Its Cool

The lack of cold air could be caused by:

  • A clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose.
  • Failed switch, fuse, relay, control module, blend door or solenoid.
  • Failed compressor or compressor clutch.
  • Failed blower motor or blower motor resistor.
  • Damaged or failed condenser or evaporator.
  • Vacuum leaks.
  • A Freon leak caused by a failed o-ring, seal, hose, or component.

When an A/C develops a leak, you have an “open system.” If it’s discovered early, your repair will be less expensive but, if a leak has been affecting your cold air for a while, moisture will most likely have entered the A/C system and may have damaged other more expensive parts.

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  1. I have had issues with my A/C for a couple weeks now, and I think that having an auto repair company take a look would be smart after reading your article. I’m hoping that they can catch it early enough that it will be inexpensive like you talked about! I’ll have to call a few local auto repair shops to see what my best option is, but hopefully its the less expensive problem! Thanks for the information!

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