Radiator Service: Coolant Tips

Radiator service is an essential part of car care. In spite of this, many car owners get stuck focusing on maintaining only the larger components of a car. The radiator, however, is an equally important part of your car. Without a properly functioning radiator, your car’s engine will be compromised. Fortunately, it just takes some basic radiator service to protect your car. Want to know some of the basics? Performance Truck & Automotive Repair has the details about the most critical aspects of radiator service.


  • Proper Mix – your radiator is responsible for cooling your car’s engine and preventing it from overheating. Think of coolant, the magical mixture of water and antifreeze, as the vital fluid that hydrates your car’s radiator. And just like water, not all coolant is the same. It takes the right proportions of water, antifreeze, and additives to prevent the overheating of your car’s engine and corrosion of its coolant system. Knowing the type and grade of antifreeze your car uses is a radiator service must! Our advice: use the correct kind of antifreeze and keep it fresh.

 Why is freshness important? “Antifreeze has additives that protect the coolant system from corrosion. As these additives become stale and depleted over time, they can’t protect the radiator and other parts from rust, scaling and corrosion in a degraded state. Old coolant may still keep your engine cool, but it won’t protect it from corrosion.” It’s simple. Fresh, quality antifreeze will keep your engine fully functioning and in good health.

  • Purchase– coolant is a gas station staple, so if you’re in a bind, go ahead and purchase coolant here. The key? Make sure you purchase the correct type of coolant for your car. And when in doubt, opt to purchase coolant from your local auto repair shop, where you’re sure to receive reliable radiator service.
  • Replenish – paying attention to you car’s internal gages is part of being a responsible car owner, and your engine temperature gage is no exception. If it’s getting dangerously hot, try to add antifreeze to your radiator tank as soon as possible. And if you’re unable to do so, add some water and head to your local auto shop for radiator service. When adding fluids to your radiator, remember to always allow your car’s engine to cool off a bit. Opening the radiator cap when your engine is hot puts you at risk for getting scalded by hot radiator fluid, and nobody wants that!

So, if your engine is overheating or a radiator engine light appears, it’s time for some radiator service.  Don’t postpone important car care! For radiator service, call us at (334) 245-6600 today.


  1. Good tips, it’s always good to keep a water bottle in your car in case you need to keep your engine from way overheating.

  2. Thanks for sharing, these are some good points to remember and pay attention to with your car.

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