How You Can Protect Your Tires in Hot Weather

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, hot weather and under-inflated tires are a dangerous combination. Moreover, during the hot summer months, the hot roadways can wreak havoc on car tires. Read below to find out how to keep your tires in good condition this summer.

Essential Tire Tips For High Temperatures

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Follow the recommended tire pressure:
Locate the tire pressure information for your vehicle. This usually accessible on the car’s door or in the owner’s manual. Once you know what the manufacturer recommends for your tires pressure wise, make sure you keep your tires at that number. In order to know what your tire pressure is, purchase a tire pressure gauge and keep it in your car at all times. Doing so will allow you to check your tire’s pressure whenever you desire. Many cars have their own indicators that reveal low tire pressure. If your car has this warning system, be sure to heed it.

Follow recommendations for tire replacement:
Most vehicle owner’s manuals have specific recommendations regarding tire replacement. Be sure to follow closely to what your car manual says in regards to tire replacement. In most cases, tire replacement is recommended every six years. Don’t forget about your spare. It too has to be replaced periodically to ensure it is ready if needed.

Monitor the wear on your tires:
Regardless of manufacturer’s recommendations, it is important for you to closely monitor the wear on your tires and replace them when needed. The penny test allows you to check the tread. Simply place a penny in the tread of your tire, with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tires need to be replaced because the tread is too low.

Keeping your tires in good shape is crucial to your safety on the roadways this summer. Therefore, make sure to follow the above tips and thus ensure your tires are ready for summer temperatures.

Quality Tires in Montgomery, AL

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  1. Essential Tire Tips For High Temperatures are strongly beneficial for all the car users.It will save money as well as time.

  2. You made a very good point by informing readers to monitor the wear on a car’s tires to keep them in good condition. It seems like monitoring is one of the best ways to take control of the condition of your tires. When you see that your tires need to be repaired, you can take your car to have them replaced in order to avoid a blowout while driving in traffic.

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