Why You Need Preventative Maintenance for Your Car

Preventative Maintenance for Your Car

Just like your body needs to see a doctor to make sure everything checks out fine, your vehicle needs to visit a mechanic who performs preventative maintenance on your car. This ensures that your automobile will be in good working order for years and that you won’t be subjected to costly repairs in the future. Taking the time to recognize the importance of preventative maintenance for cars increases the longevity of your vehicles and eliminates the need to replace them sooner than manufacturer’s suggestions.

Essential Car Maintenance

Over time, the parts on a vehicle wear down. Unless they are fixed or replaced, they render a vehicle inoperable. By performing some preventative maintenance for cars at home, you’re able to identify potential problems and get your vehicles into a mechanic before they become bigger issues.

Getting to know your owner’s manual allows you to see factory suggestions for tire pressure and tire size. It gives you suggestions on how often to change your oil, filters, and timing belts. This type of preventative maintenance for cars was tested by the manufacturer of the vehicle and is proven to keep vehicles in good working order.

Following the suggestions in the manual can keep you from breaking down in the middle of rush hour traffic or getting stranded at night on a dark road. Although some repairs are anything but predictable, good preventative maintenance for cars keeps them from growing in size and cost.

Some preventative maintenance for cars can be done quickly taking only minutes at a time. These tasks involve checking fluid levels as well as the oil, examining belts and tires, testing brake lights and turn signals, and noting how well the speedometer and other display items work on a routine basis.

Protect Your Car from Future Problems

Any potential problems that come up can be fixed by a trusted mechanic. That’s the best thing about preventative maintenance for cars. It saves you money and the frustration of having to try to catch a ride wherever you need to go. Contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto Repair today in Montgomery.


  1. I’m a new car owner that has no idea how to properly maintain my car to keep it running correctly. One thing that I do appreciate you bringing up though is becoming familiar with my owners manual. Like you mention, it helps me understand the basics like when to change my oil and filters and has been tested to keep my car working correctly. It’s cool to see how its the little basics like this that keep a car running and I plan on doing this right away and can’t wait to see what else I can learn from it.

  2. I got my first car this year and want to make sure it is well taken care of. How long should I wait to have it serviced for the first time. It only has about 5,000 miles on it. Hopefully I can get many more out of it with regular maintenance.

  3. I can see why car maintenance is super important. I like how you mentioned getting to know the owner’s manual of your car. That is something that I think most people don’t bother with anymore. I myself need to read up on my car.

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