How to Prevent Your Car from Overheating

When a vehicle overheats, it puts a damper on your day. Don’t let a simple mistake like failing to put coolant in your car, truck or van wrack up a mint in repair and maintenance costs.Under The Hood

Here are some tips that keep your car from overheating and you out of the repair shop:

• Have maintenance done on your vehicle regularly. Have a mechanic top off fluids, check hoses, and make sure fans operate properly. Repair or replace cracked caps, leaky hoses, and slipping fan belts. Maintenance costs money initially but prevents repairs from costing you a fortune in the future.
• Turn the engine off the minute the check engine light comes on. Pull over to the shoulder or curb and open up the hood. This keeps the engine from overheating by allowing the vehicle to cool down naturally.
• Forget the radiator cap. It’s scorching hot. It could blow off and burn you significantly. Even with the engine overheating, it’s not the thing to do.
• Let the vehicle cool down before doing anything else. When in doubt, contact a repair shop and see if they can look at the automobile once it’s stopped overheating.
• Refill antifreeze/coolant. A good maintenance tip everyone needs to follow is to carry spare antifreeze/coolant for overheating emergencies.
• Check hoses. Having your repair shop look under the hood prevents costly repairs later on down the road. Make sure to check all hoses once the engine cools to make sure they haven’t leaked, become blocked or burst since your last scheduled maintenance.

Keep a safety kit in your vehicle in the event that an overheating engine strands you overnight. By having a repair shop perform simple car maintenance, you eliminate the chances of a disabled automobile ruining your good mood. An overheating engine may require a simple repair. It may, however, end up costing you a lot. Avoid the hassle by having routine maintenance performed by a repair specialist.

Performance Trucks & Auto Repair in Montgomery, AL can help you keep your car from overheating. We provide experienced and affordable automotive care, and can help with any repairs or accessories your truck may need. Stay tuned for Part Two about what you should do when your car does overheat.

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  1. Thanks for the information. It’s so important to make sure your car doesn’t overheat. I’m going to make sure I follow your tip about having maintenance done on my vehicle regularly so as to ensure that my car is in good condition. Do you have any other tips?

  2. These are all really good ideas for helping to prevent the car from overheating. For me that one that sticks out the most is to let the vehicle cool down before doing anything else. I know that this is common sense, but all to often in our haste we do not let the car cool down we try to fix it automatically.

  3. Thanks for the tips! My car has the tendency to heat up during the summer. I never understood why it heated up so much until I read the information in point #2 about pulling over when the check engine light comes on. I’ve never paid any attention to my check engine light, so it seems like I should start paying more attention to it and take time to open up the hood when the light comes on before taking it to a repair technician.

  4. Most cars effectively stay cool; even during long road trips in the summer. These are great tips for someone who’s car may be more prone to overheating. What causes a car to be more prone to overheating? Is it a malfunction of a part of the engine, or simply a car getting old?

  5. Normally cars overheat is due to water leakage or a damaged radiator. This tends to happen a lot during summer and could be a major headache. If the overheating happens too many times, it could be damage the engine and then selling your car would be a nightmare.

  6. The major reason for overheating a car is it happens due to heave water leakage. All this happens during summer. If it happens too many time it destroys the cars engine. Here, i read your tips and it become very helpful for me. Keep your thoughts always unique and interesting and never forget to share.

  7. You’re right, problems like this seem to always happen at the worst time. I agree that there’s nothing that can replace regular inspection and maintenance. That’s the best way to make sure that you don’t have any problems.

  8. I thought that keeping my oil levels topped was enough to keep my car from overheating, so I thought it was unusual when I saw my speedometer say that my car was hot. Making sure that my fans are operating correctly seems like a great tip to keep my car rolling. I’ll check my fan belts and for any leaky hoses to see what I can do to keep my car from overheating again. Thanks for the tips!

  9. My car has been really close to overheating recently, so it helps to know how I can take better care of my care. You pointed out that topping off my fluids, checking hoses, and making sure that my fans are operating properly are important ways to maintain my car. I’ve been doing all of those things, except for checking for leaky hoses and for slipping fan belts. This was a great reminder that I should do those things since there’s a chance that my car might have a leaky hose or a slipping fan belt that could cause my car to overheat.

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