Should You Ask For Your Old Parts Back?

When it comes time for auto repair, there are a lot of questions that you need to ask. What needs to be fixed? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What are my options? Is the auto repair necessary? There is one very important question that you are probably forgetting to ask, however: Can I have my old parts back?

Why Asking for Your Parts Back Ensures Honest Auto Repair

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Not only should you ask for your parts back because they are yours and you own them, but asking for them can also help you determine right away if the mechanic you are about to trust with your auto repairs is honest or not.

While most auto repair mechanics are reputable, unfortunately, some are not. In addition to trying to charge you for unnecessary auto repairs, some unscrupulous mechanics may go so far as to charge you for parts they never actually replaced. Alternately, they may charge you the price for a brand new part that they told you they had to special order and then actually replace your car part with a used part they found at a junk yard. This shady auto repair practice results in significantly higher profits for them–all at your expense.

Ask for your old car parts back, and ask that they be given to you in the box that they new part came in. This will help ensure that the part actually was replaced and that it was replaced with the new part that you ordered.

Of course, this method isn’t entirely foolproof; a determined mechanic could still find ways to take advantage of your trusting nature. The mechanic could give you an extra box he has laying around, and he could still overcharge you. Furthermore, some pieces cannot be returned to you because of the laws requiring that they be disposed in a certain manner. However, you can dramatically reduce the chances of this happening by asking this one simple question and seeing the mechanic’s reaction.

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