Little Things You Can Do to Pamper Your Vehicle

image of man and daughter looking at car engine with text little things you can do to pamper your vehicle

It used to be that most car maintenance could be performed in the driveway. With the introduction of computers and other technology, car upkeep has become complicated. Most jobs have to be performed by professionals. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you can still do some car maintenance. These tasks not only ensure car safety but also they keep your vehicle running great.

Maintenance You Can Do

One basic bit of car upkeep that you can do is to replace the air filter. Most drivers never about it, yet it’s important to car safety. A dirty air filter means that your car burns gas less efficiently, and it may even shut down the engine. Performing this 10-minute car maintenance task can keep you safer on the road.

Check the Battery Connectors

Another car safety measure that you can take yourself is to clean your car’s battery connectors. Corrosion makes it hard for the battery to give your car the energy it needs to start. Disconnect the battery cables, and then pour a can of soda over the battery terminals. Reconnect the cables to complete this car upkeep task.

Improve Car Safety with New Wiper Blades

Worn-out wiper blades are a car safety risk. They make an annoying squeak, and they don’t efficiently move water and debris from the windshield. Impaired sight is a major contributor to accidents, so don’t forget this car maintenance project.

Use the Right Engine Oil for Car Upkeep

Most people leave oil changes to professionals as a basic part of car maintenance. However, if you want to do this car upkeep yourself, it’s vital that you choose the right oil. The wrong oil used over a considerable time will cause engine wear and tear. Refer to your car’s owners’ manual to ensure that the oil you use is within the manufacturer’s guidelines for car safety.

Top Up Fluids

Car upkeep also is about making certain that your car has all of the fluids it needs. This includes engine coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Don’t forget to ensure that there’s water in the radiator too.

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  1. I’m glad that you mention how it’s important to choose the right oil so that it won’t cause problems for your engine. Your advice to check your car’s owners’ manual to figure out what kind is best would be a great way to do this. Once you’ve determined the kind you need, you’d probably want to ensure you find a mechanic that has this so that you can bring your vehicle to them whenever it needs an oil change.

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