Why Does My Oil Light Keep Coming On?

oil light shining

Anytime your oil light comes on, it can be cause for concern. Most drivers think that the oil light indicates when your oil is low but it actually comes on when there isn’t enough pressure to inject the oil into your engine. If your engine doesn’t get enough oil, the cylinders can be damaged and you’ll end up paying a lot of money for a new engine. To save yourself the hassle, be aware of the different problems that could trigger your oil light.

Reasons Your Oil Light Keeps Coming On

Low Oil Pressure

As we mentioned before, low oil pressure is a common reason for your oil light to come on. Oil keeps your engine from suffering from too much friction; if there is too much heat and wear, your engine could be damaged beyond repair and you’ll need to buy a new one.

Low Engine Oil

On the other end of the spectrum is low engine oil, can be pretty rare. Even a small amount of oil circulating through your engine is enough to avoid tripping the sensor that tells you if there is no oil. However, if you have an oil leak, enough oil could get out over time that the light comes on.

Problems with the Oil Pump

Sometimes it can mean that the oil pump isn’t circulating oil as it should. When the oil pump doesn’t work properly, your engine’s bearings and friction surfaces aren’t getting the lubrication they need. That can cause huge, costly problems.

Faulty Sensor

Sometimes the oil pressure sensor gets clogged with engine sludge, especially if your engine hasn’t seen proper maintenance in a while. A faulty or clogged sensor will give you a false reading. However, this should be the last thing to check on your list so that you make sure all the other problems are addressed.

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