What Does a Mechanic Do?


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It can be intimidating to take your car to the shop, especially if you’re unfamiliar with automotive terms. Understanding how a mechanic takes care of your vehicle will help you feel more at ease the next time you have to go to the shop for service or repair. Let’s explore the individual tasks that a mechanic does.

The Responsibilities of an Auto Mechanic

A mechanic inspects and repairs vehicles to keep them in tip-top shape. However, they also have to be able to explain their processes to customers. Mechanics wear many hats and all of them are important.

Examine Vehicles for Issues

Mechanics dig into any issues your car might be having to find out what is causing them. They have a checklist before they start working on your car or truck to make sure they cover every area of your vehicle. They will also thoroughly check any concerns you have about your car or truck.

Auto Maintenance

Whether you need a regular service or an emergency repair, mechanics can do it all. Mechanics can handle basic maintenance services like an oil change, tire rotation, and changing your air filter. They can also repair and replace any failing parts on your vehicle. They need to not only know the best repair option but also where to go in order to get new parts.

Customer Relations

Perhaps most importantly, mechanics need to be able to clearly explain issues and repair solutions to their customers. There is a stigma about the auto repair industry because everyone believes that mechanics will be confusing on purpose to get more money. In fact, your mechanic should be willing to explain everything they’re going to do to your car, as well as what they would recommend for repairs. If you can’t get your mechanic to explain their work in laymen’s terms, you’re better off finding someone else.

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