Be Kind to Your Car This Summer

Summer is full of adventures – your car breaking down shouldn’t be one of them! When the weather gets hot, treat your car to a little well-earned TLC. There are a few essential things that every car or truck owner should do during the summer to ensure their vehicle runs smoothly when the heat is high.

Automotive TLC

Inflate Your Tires

Low tire pressure can put a lot of stress on your vehicle, especially when the pavement’s hot. Blowouts happen more frequently in the summer because of all the warm air and friction. Check your tire pressure about once a month to make sure you’re road ready.

Top Off Those Fluids

Regular service to check your oil, wiper fluid, brake fluid, and power-steering fluid levels will save the day in the long run. Making sure you’re topped off will help you with everything from fighting windshield bugs to staying in motion.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Summer storms can hit hard and fast – you don’t want to be caught with dud wipers. Make sure the blades are good and will keep your vision clear. When you go in for your service, you should be able to ask if they’ll replace your wipers, too.

Keep a Cool Head

Avoiding road rage is always a good idea, but practicing safe and polite driving during the summer has other benefits. When you take your time and drive safely, you avoid burning unnecessary fuel. You also want to make sure your air conditioner is working properly so that you and your passengers aren’t feeling the heat.

Pump the Brakes

How do your brakes feel on the road? Notice any squeaking or otherwise unsettling noises? This isn’t a summer horror flick – worn out brake pads or leaking brake fluid could have serious consequences when you’re on the road.

Check Your Battery

Finally, test your battery to make sure it’s strong enough to keep you going all summer long. Heat is one of the most common causes of reduced battery life and battery failure. Avoid getting stranded on the side of the road by getting your battery checked before any long, planned trips.

Performance Auto Repair in Montgomery, AL can help you get back on the road to make some summer memories. The better alternative to the dealership, we’ll make sure you get the care and service you deserve. Make your appointment today or call us at (334) 245-6600!


  1. Getting tire pressure checked is very necessary in the summer. Avoid road rage at any cost.

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